your ticket to $5k-$50K months!

Imagine never struggling with money again!!!

  • It’s not magical thinking or “hoping” things will just work out that ensures you have a viable and lucrative business….
  • It’s not burying your head in the sand and wondering when thefairies of the Universe will bring you a pot of gold…
  • It’s also NOT telling yourself that you are ok with mediocre,struggle or “just getting by!”
✔️You were born to be a success…but you have to learn themindsets, tools and skillsets to ensure continued success as afemale entrepreneur…
✔️You have to get clear on who you serve, how you serve them, how to reach them and how to “close” them.
✔️In other words, you have to be seen, be in service, know how to market and know how to sell


Feel impossible or overwhelming?

I can help you!!

I am NOT one of those business coaches who has no idea how to actually be in business or make money…

I don’t own a private jet but I do own successful businesses that make money and impact every single month!

I have owned successful businesses for two decades, made over 8-figures, and have successful cash flow every single month…

I walk the talk and I love helping other female entrepreneurs do the same.

I am not the cheapest coach out there…namely, because I get results formy clients worth 10-100x their investment.

I also VALUE myself, and will show you how to value (and price) yourself and services too!

I won’t bullshit you and or waste your time or money. I want clients who want to get results, take action, make an impact and make more money to live a great life…

If that’s you then let’s chat about creating your custom VIP Day Experience.

Please don’t book a call looking for free advice or to tire kick…I really don’t have time…If you are ready to rock out, then please connect with me!

Imagine if you could spend an entire day…

…getting super clear on what you want, how to get and how to BE that person who creates it in lightening time… Is it creating 6-figures, 7-figures? Or knowing what your next step will be…without sacrifice?

…ditching your shame, guilt, fear (aka bullshit) and letting go of your blocks to success…both in the bedroom and in business…

And spending that day really getting sh*t done ON your business, on your relationship and on yourself from a brand new place of creation like never before.

What would you cover?

What would be the most powerful thing you would work on?
✔️ Big picture planning?
✔️ Support and systems so you can have a life?
✔️ Improving your sales skills so you CLOSE more?
✔️ Creating a 6-figure or 7-figure income plan NOW?
✔️ Mindset and blocks?
✔️ Being seen and owning the shit out of who you are?
✔️ Creating better work/life balance? 
✔️ Social Media Marketing?
✔️ Adding more profit to your bottom line
✔️ Seeing the “unseen” opportunities
✔️ Letting go of fear, impostor syndrome and self-doubt?

All of this!!

Right now, you have the power to change your future…

To be seen as a “go to” authority…And to get the kind of income and impact you want.
You can’t do this on your own or you would have already!

Click here to chat about designing EXACTLY what you would want in your VIP day.

PS: I’m opening up a ULTIMATE VIP DAY INTENSIVES.  You get to call the shots on what you want to cover.  This is for ready to get results people in each of these areas…Toronto area, the Puerto Vallarta area in Mexico, Rome and Venice in Italy, and the Charlotte area in North Carolina.

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