what 500 olives have to do with you (Deadly combo)

I shouldn’t have opened the jar.


On a vacation to Spain, we stayed in a small town that has the usual Moorish charm and old-world Instagram worthiness that I love to romanticize.


I do love an authentic experience and images that make my frenemies drool over, but this town had no restaurants open!


We were also there during Santa Semana – Easter week – which Spaniards take seriously, meaning almost everyone was at Mass.


But not my husband, Ian and I. We were the starving Pagans in town.


Fortunately, I had a jar of 500 olives that I was saving to take home with me, and I thought “I will just have one or two to stave of hunger.”


Goddam, they’re good! 


Hello, olives from a country that knows olives.  I ended up eating almost the entire jar. In one sitting. 


Nearly 500 olives.


How do you say bad idea in Spanish?


But they were addictive.




Do you want to be this lethally addictive to the people you serve? 


So much that clients, students and customers keep coming back for more and more?


You have the ability to be the Spanish olives of your industry, through your marketing…(that might be a weird metaphor, but stay with me)…


I present to the you the deadly combo in The Magnetic Success Mastermind – clear money mindsets, business operations with ease and marketing that is addictive to your ideal clients AND in turn money and a feeling of achievement for you.



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