this is for the lazy ones

Oh, I laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Why?

I’ve helped a lot of teachers, coaches and wellness professionals with their business.


Life coaches, wellness coaches, joy coaches, high-performance coaches, yoga/fitness coaches, abundance coaches, gluten-free coaches, empowerment coaches, vibrational alignment coaches.


Whatever the title you give yourself as a service provider, I’ve probably helped someone like you.


Can I tell you how many of those have asked me to barter?


In return for my services, they will help me do the following hilarious things:

  • Take more breaks
  • Learn the art of self-care
  • Attune my energy field
  • Put myself first, for once
  • Create that “something bigger than myself” that I’m craving in my life.

Um, have we met?


I am always grateful that someone wants to help. 


But, the truth is I am willing to PAY for all of those results. 


I value myself. My time. My life. 


What’s more you should too.


I never barter.


Bartering sends a message to the Universe that you aren’t willing to VALUE yourself.


Money is a symbol of exchange. When we exchange it we catalyze even more of it to come our way.

I see a lot of coaches and female entrepreneurs either bartering or (gasp) doing things for free.


This is NOT the way to build a business and it is not the way to build your self-worth, which is what you also need to build a rocking business. 


When you INVEST money, time and energy in your business you are saying to the Universe that you are worth it, your business is worthy it and that you are one of the SMART ones.




Yes, smart entrepreneurs are always seeking the right people to help them get the results they want and they are leveraging time. 


Time is a precious resource. 


X Time is the one resource you can’t get back. 

X Time is the one thing that you actually don’t have enough of.  

X Time is the one thing you can’t waste.  

Many of make the mistake of thinking:


“Next year”


“I have the time to “figure this out” on my own.


“I can mess around and just see what happens.”


The truth is that if you want more in your life then you have to take action and stop wasting time…I’m not saying don’t binge watch Vikings like I am apt to do on a Tuesday night…


I’m saying decide to VALUE yourself, your business and your time. 


Make an investment that will move things forward. Like NOW!


If you’re ready to have people drooling to work with you, be with you and buy from you then I’m opening up my calendar to help you.  


I have 20 spots in the next 2-weeks.  Get yours here.


2020 is the year where magnetic success could be sensational…in the most unimaginable way! J


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This is for you if you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time” or “I’ll get to that later” when it comes to a goal. (And, if you think you haven’t said that, you’re lying to yourself! Are you telling me you’ve followed through on all your goals to completion?)


In service + love,




P.S. – how have you not signed up for a free call? You do put things off, don’t you? I’ll help.