the sunk cost fallacy (my broke bootie story)

See these black boots?


They were THE best pair of boots I ever had.


Perfect for making me looking slightly taller and thinner, and yet with a heel that meant I could stand comfortably in TSA lines. 


I bought them in Spain as a memento when I found out I could not get a case of Rioja through Canada Customs.


But El Naturalista stopped making them.


And I have no travel booked for Madrid.


AND the zipper blew.  You can actually see that it’s broken on the right one.


I’ve checked to see if I could just get it replaced and it seems like it’s a MAJOR drama to find a cobbler these days.


I had to let them go, but it pained me to throw them away.


I had invested time, money and energy to find them – and I was that I’d never be able to replace them.


Side thought: Why is it women’s shoes are EITHER dowdy but feel good or sexy and tortuous? 


I know a lot of people who feel this way about their business and investments they made that did NOT PAY OFF.


Maybe you spent money to get coaching but you ended up knowing more than the so-called “expert”.


Maybe you spent months creating a website with perfect colors but no one goes to it let alone buys anything.


Maybe you sacrificed Thanksgiving dinner to chat with a buyer who was going to be your new bestie, only to find out they wanted your advice. FOR FREE.


Now you’re frustrated, resentful and maybe hungry.


You can’t seem to propel your business forward, and you can’t give up on past mistakes.


That’s the sunk fallacy cost. 


You’ve spent time and money on your business or training – and you can’t get it back.  


And, when you look at what you’ve invested, the harder it becomes to believe in yourself and invest again – so you don’t take any action or the right action. 


I hear this story all the time – and I’ve had it happen to me too.


I once paid a development team $10,000 to create a website. And they ran away with my money. I ended up suing them. It sucked. I was depressed, and felt like Joe Dirt (and that I should have known better). 


I let it get the better of me and then I decided that I needed to buck up and find the RIGHT help.


My rule of thumb is to always ensure the people you work with have PROVEN results and not just a glitzy website or sales pitch. 


Here’s how to know WHO to make an investment with in your business:


  1. They know the map and where you are on it – many entrepreneurs don’t have a clear vision for what they want – financially or in their business. A great mentor will always help you get clear on what that is both in terms of money and also who you want to serve/help, HOW you do that, and WHY people would buy from you. But, you also need to know where you are right now. Why you are where you are – maybe stuck? There’s a reason, and it’s always because of a belief or mindset. A great business mentor knows how to move play inner game and get outer results. 


  1. They be like a weed – I like to see growth every year in everything I do. Not from a pushy or hustle porn way, but from a knowing that just like the weeds in my garden, we are here to GROW and THRIVE. I only ever work with mentors or businesses who also have this mindset because I know they will cause me to keep moving forward and stay in an “upgrade” mindset and strategy.


  1. They’ve got substance and style – I have worked with a lot of clients who were told to build massive website or invest in mega branding when really they should have been getting clear on who they serve, how to serve them AKA make money and “owning” it, because the truth is that mentor was NOT MAKING ANY MONEY (other than taking their’s).  When you are considering working with a mentor or buying from someone check out their success stories and watch to see if that person DEMONSTRATES i.e. walks the talk or if they are just a pretty face. 


Feeling a little stuck and worn out like my boot’s zipper? 


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