that time I almost blew up my life

“if you don’t face this, you will blow up your life.”

Words from a mentor earlier this year…#damnit

After #metoo, other events in the wider culture and some breakdowns in my own life, it was clear that I had some things to face.


  • Even though I had a best-selling book and successful businesses, I still felt “blocked” and frustrated – there was more, but what was it?

  • Even though I had a solid marriage and a good sex life, I was unconsciously holding onto anger and resentment toward men from my own past trauma, and I built walls with my husband that were slowly killing my marriage.
  • Even though I thought I was a confident woman, I was ashamed, at times, of my own clarity and sensuality and felt I should “shut it down” because I was “too much”.
  • Even though I knew my Purpose was to help women (and men) live without sacrifice, I was being polite and not owning all of it – especially the sensuality piece – because I feared judgment from the business community.

So, I dove in…

I knew I had an opportunity to break through, release and transform what deep down needed to be part of my evolutionary journey.

Which brings me to this moment…

Cracks continue to appear in “the foundations” within us and around us, and we have ever clearer choices on how we want to respond.

I am clear on how I want to respond…#nomorehiding

I wish to channel this through my heart in productive ways.

I know that healing the shame-filled, guilt-ridden and “hidden” within us is essential…and it can actually happen with ease and grace, and a few laughs, especially with the right support.

And it’s good for business!

In fact, I challenge the business masks and belief that we must separate aspects of our life and self –
that false belief that success in business/career has nothing to do with our sensuality, our relationship and our well-being.

This is one of the reasons why my husband, Ian, and I have launched:

>> Sexellence Podcast:
Your, Not So Dirty Secret to Great Sex and a Good Life <<<

We provide a place for the deeper conversation about sensuality, intimacy and connection…which are essential to abiding joy, financial success and self-expression whether you are in a couple or NOT!

In fact, reclaiming the gift of sensuality is the great secret to success and happiness that almost no one talks about. We do!

I’m hoping that if you are here you are also interested in creating more success, happiness and FUN in your life…and maybe, you just might be open to this kind of content…

If so:

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Share the Love – If you have a friend who could benefit, I appreciate you having the courage to pass on this email. Just forward this email. They might resonate with my message too. I’m Grateful.

That’s my authentic share, and why I have been a little quiet lately.

I am always dedicated to “walking the talk” and wanted to dive deep myself…I am feeling much better now 😉

I am thankful for your relationship, and I’d love to hear your thoughts…

  • Does “my share” resonate with you?
  • What questions, challenges or situations do you struggle with?
  • Are the “usual” things not working?

  • What would you like to hear more about?

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