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Your Well-Meaning Spouse {is NOT Your Mentor}

In nearly two-two-decades of working in the world of personal development and entrepreneurship I cannot tell you how many well-meaning husbands who genuinely love their spouses and want the best for them, have advised:

“You’re smart, you don’t need a coach. You can figure this stuff out on your own…

“You are perfect. You don’t need to do that program/training/development!..

Or my personal fav:

“I know a bit about business/have a tourism degree/lead teams, so just learn from me.”

Never ever do I recommend your spouse replace a mentor.

First, they are just too close to you, and have their “stuff” going on and in many ways want you to stay the same because it works for them. (With love, but this is TRUE).

Secondly, when we allow our spouse to make decisions for us we are COMPLETELY CUT OFF from our internal knowing and power!

Even if you’ve never heard something like this from your spouse who wants to keep you safe and “save you money,” maybe you’ve told it to yourself…

…That’s how dominated we are by “martyr” thinking, that we think our value is based on how much we can do alone!

What few people understand is that a great mentor will short cut time, struggle and actually help you MAKE money in the long run.

For the woman who wants to THRIVE, succeed faster, and make more money sooner (don’t pretend you don’t!) without blowing out your adrenals or your marriage, the SMARTEST THING you can do is allow yourself mentorship, community and support as you fulfill your purpose.

Will 2019 be your year???

It is a perfect time to take action to get the support and mentoring…and it is definitely NOT your spouse!

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Much love,


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I Make More $ Than My Husband – Ask Shasta Column

This week's Take Back the Reigns – Ask Shasta Column comes from Esther in Toronto.



Hi Shasta, 

I make more money than my husband…way more.

He seems ok with this, but I struggle at times with this and our friends tease us about this which makes me cringe.  He is a great guy but I am worried that eventually this will create a rift between us – either he will get tired of the teasing or I will feel resentful.

I appreciate any guidance you have.

Thank you,




Dear Esther,

I love this question.

First off just notice the “cultural story” about men and women that still arises.

The story is that men are “real men” when they are the “bread winner” and that women are somehow emasculating of men when we earn more.

This is an outdated and extremely limited view of both the masculine and feminine. 

It also sets up a war on the outside and inside…just what you are speaking to.  

I would also suggest you set a boundary with your friends.

My mentor David Neagle taught me this line to say when people ask about my income: “This is not now nor will it ever be up for discussion.

It may sound strong but it is actually not ok that your friends tease you about this or that you allow it. 

Secondly, notice what it triggers in you.

Do you feel somehow inappropriate because you are a successful woman? I spoke to that in an earlier post – I Don’t Want to Seem Salesy.

The Truth is that when we own our Soul Purpose and offer products and services that meet the needs or wants of clients, we receive an exchange in the form of money for that. This is a holy transaction.

If you are “successful” and creating abundance for yourself and your family then that is a good indicator that you are in true service and Soul Purpose.

Celebrate that!

Lastly, notice if you DO hold any level of resentment towards your husband and if you do consciously or unconsciously hold your success over him. 

What are you making this mean?

Is there a sense of inequality in your relationship that you need to address?

You can have it all…with ease!

Much love,


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