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Your Well-Meaning Spouse {is NOT Your Mentor}

In nearly two-two-decades of working in the world of personal development and entrepreneurship I cannot tell you how many well-meaning husbands who genuinely love their spouses and want the best for them, have advised:

“You’re smart, you don’t need a coach. You can figure this stuff out on your own…

“You are perfect. You don’t need to do that program/training/development!..

Or my personal fav:

“I know a bit about business/have a tourism degree/lead teams, so just learn from me.”

Never ever do I recommend your spouse replace a mentor.

First, they are just too close to you, and have their “stuff” going on and in many ways want you to stay the same because it works for them. (With love, but this is TRUE).

Secondly, when we allow our spouse to make decisions for us we are COMPLETELY CUT OFF from our internal knowing and power!

Even if you’ve never heard something like this from your spouse who wants to keep you safe and “save you money,” maybe you’ve told it to yourself…

…That’s how dominated we are by “martyr” thinking, that we think our value is based on how much we can do alone!

What few people understand is that a great mentor will short cut time, struggle and actually help you MAKE money in the long run.

For the woman who wants to THRIVE, succeed faster, and make more money sooner (don’t pretend you don’t!) without blowing out your adrenals or your marriage, the SMARTEST THING you can do is allow yourself mentorship, community and support as you fulfill your purpose.

Will 2019 be your year???

It is a perfect time to take action to get the support and mentoring…and it is definitely NOT your spouse!

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Why Divine Feminine Teachings are Failing Us As Women

Will you take the hand of the Masculine?
Will you take the hand of the Masculine?

I'm coming out and saying I don't dig all this Goddess stuff that excludes the God. It is failing us as women. It is failing the Divine Feminine too.

I know we are pissed off as women.

I know we have a lot to be pissed off about.

I know rage can be an amazing catalyst for change and action.

I know that the oppressed have to claim a big space in order for balance to be achieved.

I know women before me have lost their reputation, their children, and even their lives in the struggle for rights and balance.

I also know the balance is not yet here.

But I refuse to buy into any teachings, movements, writings or ceremony that condemns the Masculine in any way.

I am NOT suggesting that those of us who are teaching the Divine Feminine path are doing it wrong, I am merely saying that we must honour the Divine Masculine in our path as well, in some way.

Patriarchy relegated the Goddess/Divine Feminine to the underground and she is  returning, thankfully… I am most thrilled and excited for this, but I hear Her say that we must forgive and include Her lover, the Divine Masculine.

We must be willing to make space for the Masculine and for true harmony to be achieved in ourselves and our world.

For example, we need to stop with the “He doesn't get it” articles and rants. We need to stop with the “I don't need a man because I am a wild woman.”

Of course you don't “need” a man, but we all long to be loved and claimed, yet paradoxically to feel emancipated and whole, and we cannot do so if we reject the

The Shri Yantra is a beautiful symbol of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in harmonious power.
The Shri Yantra is a beautiful symbol of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in harmonious power.


If we do, we reject parts of ourself, we reject our men, and we continue to create disharmony and even war. This is NOT the path of the Divine Feminine.

Never once in any of the Goddess teachings in any lineage I have ever studied did the Divine Feminine ridicule, condemn or push away the Divine Masculine.

Never once did she place herself above him. In many stories across many lineages, the Divine Feminine demonstrates fierce love, sharp cunning, and deep forgiveness at all times. May we all remember and reflect her power today.

Yes, I resonate with the Goddess and see myself as an emanation and extension of her, but I also acknowledge the Masculine within me and in my world, and honour the gifts He brings. I work to forgive, understand and create at times clear boundaries for the Divine Masculine, but I hope to never push Him away. I hope to never disrespect what He offers me.

The fastest way to create war is to tell someone they are on one side of something, but the truth is there are no sides.

Shiva & Shakti are within us all.
Shiva & Shakti are within us all.

When we allow all, we can actually see beyond the apparent dualities to  the place of Universal Divinity where we are all One and we are all LOVE.

Love is the only way.  It is the drum we must beat.

I recently had a beautiful conversation with a woman from the Comox First Nations community on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

I asked her about the role of women in sacred ceremony and she said:

“Traditionally, women and men honoured each other – both the differences and the similarities. There was no domination. There was no hierarchy. There was a respect for what men carried and what women carried. Both were Shamans. Both carried the Drum. Both were Sacred. We lost that for a while, but it is returning. Men make space for women and woman make space for men. We have to.”

We do have to.

Spiritual women have an opportunity to truly LOVE, forgive, and honour the Masculine while reclaiming our Divine Feminine. We cannot continue in polarization, anger or rejection.

The Divine Feminine has awakened to help us birth a world where men and women beat the drum together in a rhythm that is magical, delightful and affirming for all.

Will you beat that drum with Her?

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