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I Didn’t Forgive Them ~ What to Do When Friends Betray You


They say about 10% of the population are assholes.

You know the ones who chuck McDonald’s wrappers out of their suburban. At the lights. In front of the kids.

The one who rides the right lane until it ends and then signals and cuts you off at the last minute, even though you patiently merged 2 miles ago…

The one who bullies the soccer coach into making their kid captain even though “goal” is a word the kid can’t spell never mind produce.

But I’d say the pandemic has revealed more assholes or at least asshole behavior than a mere 10% of the population.


That’s the trouble with a global plague – uncertainty, rapid and never-ending change, and the 24-hour doom news cycle it can bring out the asshole in anyone.



I agree that uncertainty makes humans anxiety machines as our fear centres go haywire on their desire for “the Known” AKA the comfort zone.

But, I’ve also seen a lot of asshole behavior from “spiritual” people during this last 18 months that makes me not only question the 10% rule, but also the deeper shadow in the spiritual community especially as it comes to personal expression, sexuality and money…but that is a topic for another day.


During this past year, I experienced “friends” and “team members” resort to the kind of mafioso behavior that would make Tony Soprano proud including fraud, lies, manipulation and theft – all with a namaste swirl at the end.

People I had known for 10 or more years…

People I had mentored and given ample support, opportunity and a ton of time…

People who said they loved me and the community I created…

Lied. Stole. Betrayed.


Now before this comes off as a self-pitying rant, let me say that it is not.


And before some spiritually immature know-it-all, starts using words like “karma” or “Law of Attraction”, let’s just own the fact that people are assholes, especially when they have not done the work to transcend their own fear about money or change or their own personal power and where it really comes from…


And yes, even if they can translate adho mukha svanasana into downward dog, they too can be assholes…

So, whether it’s your so-called team members who try to defraud you or the soccer mom who tries to steamroll you, the question becomes:


“What do we do with assholes?”


Most people would tell you to forgive assholes…To send them love and light. I say fuck that.


I say make it NOT matter.

It just does not matter.

They don’t matter.


Now this is some major ninja self-mastery stuff, and likely not something you are going to hear from Instagram gurus so stay with me.

Feel the pain, the anguish, the revenge fantasies AND then just make it not matter.

This is a choice.

You just make it not matter.


To me, the need for forgiveness means I am still making this matter, a lot. I am not saying NOT to forgive, I am saying make it not matter.

The more we nurture those feelings of rage, victimization and frustration, the more of an asshole we become AND worse off, we actually can’t see the open lanes, the opportunities and the real friends in our life.

We get stuck in a cycle. We keep the hurt going, sometimes for decades. We get sick in mind, body and spirit…

We can attempt to forgive, but really, we just need to make it not matter.

I am not saying that your pain doesn’t matter, or those bitter moments in life aren’t real.

I am saying that each of us has a choice.


If we truly believe all the Goddess/ Divine Feminine stuff we say we do, then we also have to believe that we are powerful creators who can overcome anything IF we choose (and with the right tools).


Portal Jumping 

Here are some questions to help you jump into a new portal of peace:


  • What are you making matter that really does not?


  • What are you accepting that you really need to stop?


  • What do you have a taste for?


Next Level Ninja Goddess Stuff

And if you want to take this self-mastery, embodied Divine Feminine, and walk-the-talk ninja stuff to new levels of personal peace and confidence as well as amplified wealth and success, and find the ways to tell delusional soccer moms where to go with real poise and effect, consider The Embodied Mastery training and certification.

Find out if this applies to you now.



It’s time to make the assholes NOT matter, and your “tastes”, wants and peace the only thing that really matters in your life.


You are a fucking Goddess!


Shasta Townsend








Imbalanced Feminine? – {Man or Woman, Take the Test!}


“I’m having trouble forgiving.”

Those were the painful but honest words coming out of my mouth.

It was not easy to admit that, not only because I don’t like that side of myself, but because I am one who teaches forgiveness to men and women.

But I am humble enough to admit when I am having trouble and willing to do the “work”.

So, I really took a look at what the fuck was going on, and I discovered it was a “protection” measure that I had developed as a small girl.

I was unconsciously holding onto an aspect of the Imbalanced Feminine.

These “imbalances” can be so subtle and insidious, and we often don’t know they are at play until our results, relationships or circumstances are going off the rails!!

In a culture that is totally out of balance when it comes to the Feminine, imbalances can be easy to fall into and actually seem “normal”.

But they wreak total havoc on your life, and your relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, the Imbalanced Feminine shows up in both genders.  In fact, I have seen it in men as the overly “Nice Guy” or “People Pleaser” who has few boundaries.

The good news is that I had enough awareness (and support from my husband, and also my mentor) to call this out and embrace the Balanced Feminine, and just let that shit go!

There is no shame in any of this…In fact, shame is a great reason to stay stuck, in hiding and in denial.

Check out the Imbalanced and Balanced Feminine chart below.

Where are your imbalances?


Where are you feeling balanced?


What would you add?


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The Masculine is coming next week…Stay tuned.

And happy balancing!!!

Please forward to a man or woman who may be intrigued by this chart too.

Much love,


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I Make More $ Than My Husband – Ask Shasta Column

This week's Take Back the Reigns – Ask Shasta Column comes from Esther in Toronto.



Hi Shasta, 

I make more money than my husband…way more.

He seems ok with this, but I struggle at times with this and our friends tease us about this which makes me cringe.  He is a great guy but I am worried that eventually this will create a rift between us – either he will get tired of the teasing or I will feel resentful.

I appreciate any guidance you have.

Thank you,




Dear Esther,

I love this question.

First off just notice the “cultural story” about men and women that still arises.

The story is that men are “real men” when they are the “bread winner” and that women are somehow emasculating of men when we earn more.

This is an outdated and extremely limited view of both the masculine and feminine. 

It also sets up a war on the outside and inside…just what you are speaking to.  

I would also suggest you set a boundary with your friends.

My mentor David Neagle taught me this line to say when people ask about my income: “This is not now nor will it ever be up for discussion.

It may sound strong but it is actually not ok that your friends tease you about this or that you allow it. 

Secondly, notice what it triggers in you.

Do you feel somehow inappropriate because you are a successful woman? I spoke to that in an earlier post – I Don’t Want to Seem Salesy.

The Truth is that when we own our Soul Purpose and offer products and services that meet the needs or wants of clients, we receive an exchange in the form of money for that. This is a holy transaction.

If you are “successful” and creating abundance for yourself and your family then that is a good indicator that you are in true service and Soul Purpose.

Celebrate that!

Lastly, notice if you DO hold any level of resentment towards your husband and if you do consciously or unconsciously hold your success over him. 

What are you making this mean?

Is there a sense of inequality in your relationship that you need to address?

You can have it all…with ease!

Much love,


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Why Being Ignored By A Waiter Was Good for Me {Balancing Soft + Strong} – What India Confirmed

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, is a perhaps a perfect day to share a funny story about a waiter, a woman and finding a balance of strong and soft.

I recently returned from nearly 20 days in India where I had the pleasure of hosting, along with my husband Ian, 25 people on our Sacred Joy Pilgrimage. It was amazing!!

Mother India is always a complex, challenging and beautiful land – much like life itself.

It is a land that worships the Divine Feminine in her many varied forms and yet often treats its women with old world patriarchal views…I had my own glimpse of this. 

When dining with my husband, I was completely ignored…almost every time.

Sitting atop a 5-star rooftop restaurant dressed well and hair done I was completely dismissed.

I waved at passing waiters. I asked the host to bring me a menu and requested a drink order be taken to no avail.

I was told, “I can’t help you, Madame.”

It was not until my husband returned from a smoke break that the waiter, in fact several, came to our table.

My voice, needs and presence as a woman were completely irrelevant until my husband arrived. I'm not use to this!

And even then the waiter still did not address me, but turned to my husband Ian who comically said, “She can decide for herself.”

When the bill arrived and I pulled out my credit card, the waiter returned the credit card slip it to my husband for signature even though I had handed the waiter my card.

At which point Ian said: “Dude that’s her card and by the way she makes three times more money than me.”

I could feel my frustration, exasperation and disbelief boiling…but this was not a coachable moment.

There was no point in freaking out or having a dissertation on the rights of women.

All I could do was show up in elegant Feminine Grace and continue to assert myself…without a Kali-style meltdown.

Thankfully I can take it all in stride and this is not meant to be critical of the land or people of India, but an interested snapshot of the struggle to be seen and appreciated as a woman.

Why can we worship the Goddess when She is seated on a lotus but we can't even see Her in the women seated in front of us? 

It can be demoralizing as hello…but perhaps it is NOT the role of another to see us as the Goddess but for each of us to see HER in our self.

This was a wonderful opportunity to find my own authentic Goddess power and not be relegated to pretty furnishings while at the same time not be the emasculating raging woman.

So this International Women's Day I celebrate the radiant Goddess in myself, in you and in our world.

Our time is now…

There is work to do in our world, but we can do it with the finesse, sexiness and confidence of the rocking Shakti superstars we truly are despite the chauvinistic waiters!

Now who wants to have a well timed and perfectly mixed gin and tonic with me?

Much Love,


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Crushing on the Divine Feminine

Dripping with Divine Feminine goodness.  Check out recent Sacred Joy pics and the real-life Goddesses joined me in India.

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Why Divine Feminine Teachings are Failing Us As Women

Will you take the hand of the Masculine?
Will you take the hand of the Masculine?

I'm coming out and saying I don't dig all this Goddess stuff that excludes the God. It is failing us as women. It is failing the Divine Feminine too.

I know we are pissed off as women.

I know we have a lot to be pissed off about.

I know rage can be an amazing catalyst for change and action.

I know that the oppressed have to claim a big space in order for balance to be achieved.

I know women before me have lost their reputation, their children, and even their lives in the struggle for rights and balance.

I also know the balance is not yet here.

But I refuse to buy into any teachings, movements, writings or ceremony that condemns the Masculine in any way.

I am NOT suggesting that those of us who are teaching the Divine Feminine path are doing it wrong, I am merely saying that we must honour the Divine Masculine in our path as well, in some way.

Patriarchy relegated the Goddess/Divine Feminine to the underground and she is  returning, thankfully… I am most thrilled and excited for this, but I hear Her say that we must forgive and include Her lover, the Divine Masculine.

We must be willing to make space for the Masculine and for true harmony to be achieved in ourselves and our world.

For example, we need to stop with the “He doesn't get it” articles and rants. We need to stop with the “I don't need a man because I am a wild woman.”

Of course you don't “need” a man, but we all long to be loved and claimed, yet paradoxically to feel emancipated and whole, and we cannot do so if we reject the

The Shri Yantra is a beautiful symbol of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in harmonious power.
The Shri Yantra is a beautiful symbol of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in harmonious power.


If we do, we reject parts of ourself, we reject our men, and we continue to create disharmony and even war. This is NOT the path of the Divine Feminine.

Never once in any of the Goddess teachings in any lineage I have ever studied did the Divine Feminine ridicule, condemn or push away the Divine Masculine.

Never once did she place herself above him. In many stories across many lineages, the Divine Feminine demonstrates fierce love, sharp cunning, and deep forgiveness at all times. May we all remember and reflect her power today.

Yes, I resonate with the Goddess and see myself as an emanation and extension of her, but I also acknowledge the Masculine within me and in my world, and honour the gifts He brings. I work to forgive, understand and create at times clear boundaries for the Divine Masculine, but I hope to never push Him away. I hope to never disrespect what He offers me.

The fastest way to create war is to tell someone they are on one side of something, but the truth is there are no sides.

Shiva & Shakti are within us all.
Shiva & Shakti are within us all.

When we allow all, we can actually see beyond the apparent dualities to  the place of Universal Divinity where we are all One and we are all LOVE.

Love is the only way.  It is the drum we must beat.

I recently had a beautiful conversation with a woman from the Comox First Nations community on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

I asked her about the role of women in sacred ceremony and she said:

“Traditionally, women and men honoured each other – both the differences and the similarities. There was no domination. There was no hierarchy. There was a respect for what men carried and what women carried. Both were Shamans. Both carried the Drum. Both were Sacred. We lost that for a while, but it is returning. Men make space for women and woman make space for men. We have to.”

We do have to.

Spiritual women have an opportunity to truly LOVE, forgive, and honour the Masculine while reclaiming our Divine Feminine. We cannot continue in polarization, anger or rejection.

The Divine Feminine has awakened to help us birth a world where men and women beat the drum together in a rhythm that is magical, delightful and affirming for all.

Will you beat that drum with Her?

Share your insights, ahas, and break-throughs on The Rich Relationship Secrets Facebook Group.

Big love,


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