Spoiler Alert! {What most biz people do wrong}

Imagine waking up next to the love of your life and being ecstatic to share the morning with them.

Just picture yourself coming home to a loving embrace where you’re safe, at peace, and ready to connect with your partner like never before.

Think how it would feel to have such a meaningful connection with the love of your life that no challenge or obstacle in business is daunting.

What would it do for your confidence to have the kind of passion that wakes your neighbours and fogs your windows?

That is what so many entrepreneurs crave: a relationship that refuels their desire and drive to be successful in EVERY area of life.

This could be your future. You could be in a relationship so rich and passionate where you’re supported and empowered to create BIG things in the world.

There’s a good chance your relationship isn’t where you want it to be right now. Maybe you’re facing disaster as your relationship or even marriage is heading towards disaster.

Or maybe it is “good” but it could be great.

The dream you read above doesn’t have to be a dream, and we would love to show you how.

You’re invited to dive into The Rich Relationship Breakthrough as we call it.

Discover how your action, words, and mindset in your relationship can be switched into a radical shift of easeful creation.

We’ve poured our lives into hundreds of power couples who are starving for a deeper connection with each other.

Our clients have followed our advice and achieved tremendous growth in their relationship and income.

We’ve seen clients go from the brink of divorce to a closer, mutually empowered relationship that ignites their income to double or even triple or more in a matter of months.

Clients like:

Creating a great relationship is not Mt. Everest. 

“I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different. We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!”

From Divorce to Deep Love, Again


“A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is hard to believe all the changes that have happened in just a few weeks of working with Shasta. I am so glad I did this.


I did not know my partner felt the same way, but Shasta taught me how to actually listen and be heard. Now, we both have the tools we need to be successful together. It feels amazing. I am so glad I did not give up.”


Way More Than Expected. 

“I gained insight and growth that I wasn’t expecting. Amazing opportunities are popping up in all areas of my life thanks to all I learned with Shasta. I realize the importance of connecting to myself and my partner in order to create the life I want. I let go of needing to fit a certain “role” which totally freed me. Thank you Shasta.” 


The Rich Relationship Breakthrough is where we start to make your dream come true. You can keep ‘hoping’ things get better…or you can follow the steps of hundreds of high-achieving entrepreneurs and their partners who are now experiencing mind-boggling success in EVERY area of life.

The Rich Relationship Breakthrough was made for YOU!


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