Retreats + Live Events


Transformational Travel + Live Event Opportunities

Here’s a personal invite to join us on one or all of the amazing transformational travel + live events coming up with Shasta.

She perfectly blends personal transformation teachings with fun, friendship and relaxation.

You will have a perfect experience of deep learning, meeting new friends and feeling truly cared for and at ease.


A guaranteed good time + life changing experience!

Spend time in person with Shasta, and the amazing women (and men) she attracts.

There is really something magical about in-person events, especially in sensational places.


Join Shasta for Transformational Travel + Live Events around the world.

Shasta has over 10-years experience in retreat and travel offerings so you will be safe, cared for and at ease.

She always chooses locations, spaces and themes that will inspire you and allow you to not only learn more about yourself, but also relax, have fun and meet like-minded people.


What Really Happens on Retreat

Find out what really happens on retreats with Shasta and get a “behind the scenes” look at transformational travel in the beautiful but brief video below.


Upcoming Opportunities Include:


Life is Beautiful – 2018 Italy Retreat 

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Sacred Joy – 2018 Pilgrimage to India SOLD OUT

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Divine Woman Retreat – Ontario, Canada  Summer 2017 SOLD OUT 

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Divine Woman Retreat – Ontario, Canada Fall 2017 SOLD OUT 

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