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Shasta is a featured writer and columnist for Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, The Good Men Project and Vivid Life.  Check out her numerous articles below for a rock-the-boat read.

Enlightened Business

It's Just Business & Other Lies – The Yoga of Business

Releasing the Shame of the Success, Money, Yoga Trifecta

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Succulent Sexuality & Enlivened Intimacy

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Preparing for Venus Retrograde: Cleansing Rituals to Get Rid of Old Lovers & Bad Love Juju

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Rekindling the Fire Through Separation 

Have Your Cake – Breaking Beliefs About Sex That Keep Us Hungry, Unhappy and Alone

Am I a Good Girl? And Why Do I Care?

Body Orgasmic – 7 Ways to Great Sex

Keeping It Hot – The Unexpected Rule of Desire or Why Men In Tuxedos Do It For Me

What My Mother Did Not Teach Me About the Birds & the Bees (which almost cost me my marriage)

Anger is Ruining Your Sex Life

Great Yoga on the Mat Leads to Great Joy on the Mattress

Becoming a Fertile Container for Passion, Purpose and Lust

Meditation Makes You Sexy 

Standing Up for Love  

Rock the Boat Rants on Men & Women 

Kicking the Feminists Out of My Bedroom

Five Reasons I Got Married & Why We Should Stop Criticizing

50 Shades of What Women Really Want (from Men)

My Father Sucked But I Love Men Anyway

Don’t Drag Him to Yoga – Let Him Be a Man

Three Ways to “Win” An Argument with Your Husband 

We Need to Stop the “Good Girl”/”Bad Girl” Index

Trouble Making Prose & Poetry

Live Like An Inferno 

The Hungry Ghost 


The Art of Writing

Four Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Published A Book

Freedom, Love & Mystical Musings

Is My Husband My Soul Mate?

Unpacking Shame

Wanting What Life Wants

My Skinny Jeans Self

Resurrecting Happy!

What 28,000 Rubber Ducks Lost at Sea Can Teach Us About Freedom

Finding Love In the Hardest Times 

Things Always Work Out for Me & They Can For You Too

The Only Question that Matters

Install the Spam Assassin (in Your Brain)

Why Resolutions Fail and How You Don’t Have To

The Story of Two Dogs and U.S. Border Patrol

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

The Genius of Beauty