Dear Woman,

You can continue in pushing harder. Trying the latest marketing strategy with fingers crossed or berating your staff for underperformance.

Or you could just rest back in your cozy life. Become average. Wake up one day and realize your business and life has become mediocre, mundane and boring or even faded to nothing.

Or take a stand for what you REALLY WANT. Break through your income barriers, dramatically expand your reach, rock your intimate life, make a dent in the Universe and become a model of effing POSSIBILITY in every woman.

If you choose option 2 then I am here to show you HOW.

The fact is you’ve been lied to!

Lie #1.

Success is NOT about hustling harder. What’s with all this female hustle stuff? It’s based in an outdated paradigm that business (and life) is hard. I will show you how it can actually be EASIER to make more money by DOING less but showing up BIGGER.

Lie #2.

It’s also NOT about sacrifice. WTF is the point in being an entrepreneur if you can't live well! The idea of sacrificing our health, sex life, vacation time, family in order to get to the next level is total BS – based in an old school “masculine” way of “either this or that” or “I win/you lose”. My client's success and my own life is proof you can have it all, with ease.

Lie #3.

It’s NOT about goal setting + working you ass off! You DO need strategy, systems, and support. (I got ya covered!). But you also must SERVE at a high level and learn how to trust your Feminine Super Powers aka intuition, magnetism, compassion, and clarity, etc.

Lie #4.

Men Don't Find Powerful Women Attractive. Think you have to be alone or that you intimidate men with your success? I will show you how to be an alpha female who is feminine, sensual and strong! Don’t think for one minute you can’t rock the bedroom. Real men (not boys) find women like us super sexy and I can help you identify and attract them or bring your lover right along with you. You don’t have to become a man to be a successful woman.

There is a SECRET to True Richness that 7 and 8-figure female entrepreneurs use the world over…Get in on this exclusive sorority now. Join the tribe at The 7-Figure Female Entrepreneurs.

Cause WTF is the point in being a female entrepreneur if you can't ENJOY your life too?

Are you hungry for a life of true richness? Tired of the income ceiling?

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My Story – Is this your story too?

After years of hitting a 6-figure ceiling in my business, feeling misunderstood in my marriage, and second guessing every decision I made as I quietly cried in the bathroom late at night, I cracked the 7-figure ceiling, deepened the connection with my husband and created a life beyond my dreams.

Before this I berated myself for wanting more…

“Why could I not just be happy with my cozy little mediocre life?” I thought.

Because I knew I was destined for and capable of more.

I also knew I would REGRET not going for it.

My Secret,

I cracked the 7-figure ceiling…not by working harder or by following the old boys rules…rather, by embracing 3 aspects of myself (that I actually was kind of ashamed of):

1. My Sexuality – Sex and success? You betcha! Sexual energy is the most potent energy on the planet. It is your Life Source Energy – literally what brought you into the world. Not to mention the energy and aliveness gained from great sex is a major source of creativity, magnetism and innovation. Connected and passionate sex can be the fuel for your success. AND sex and love together is a major winning combination. A loving intimate relationship can be our safe harbor and refueling station as women entrepreneurs.

2. My “F-Bomb” – I used to hide out. I used to fear judgement if I was not “professional” or “spiritual”. I felt like a phoney at times because the authentic me had way more to say. I tell it like it is, wear my heart on my sleeve and I swear. A lot! Then I said “fuck it” and shed the final vestiges of shame about keeping-it-real and a master key slid into place in my life and my business! Not only was I was happier and healthier, but the RIGHT clients, supporters, friends and team started showing up who LOVED and wanted that Truth.

3. My “Bitch Boss” – Not a Devil Wears Prada kinda bitch but really just a woman with boundaries, expectations, unwavering dedication and a bit of “I don’t give a sweet f#ck what you think” attitude! This is absolutely required to get to a 7-figure level as you will need to hold to your vision and even be willing to be demanding and clear…unapologetically as the visionary and founder in your business.

An interesting thing happened…

after years of hitting a 6-figure ceiling in my business, feeling alone in my marriage, “dry” in my sex life and second guessing every decision I made along with quietly crying in the bathroom late at night, I cracked the 7-figure ceiling AND deepened the connection with my husband – we now have a rock solid marriage and a “wake the neighbors” kind of sex life, and I feel confidently clear in who I am as a woman…without apologies or late night crying.

I can help you crack your income barrier AND have great passion too!

I believe your business should:

  • Create value in the world.
  • Be a means of expressing your Soul Purpose.
  • Give you the freedom to create nurturing relationships, make passionate love and watch your children grow up.
  • Supply the means to choose wonderful experiences – like luxury travel without guilt or worry.

No matter where you are at in your business income level or relathionship status, we have a program that can launch you to the next level and enable you to make money, make love and make an impact!

Are you hungry for a life of true richness? Tired of the income ceiling?

Breakthrough now by talking to one of my coaches at