If it didn’t need to be perfect

What would you do if YOU DID NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT?

Who would you love? 

How would you love?

What you create/write/film/start/build?


I shot this quick one-minute video on NOT BEING PERFECT, and what I would do if I did not need to get it perfect…Perhaps it will inspire you…

Watch now 


Do you have a well-developed “perfectionist” or inner critic?

I sure do…

My inner critic, named Veronica is the perfectly-put-together woman, who says all the right things, has immaculate make-up (which I never have), and shiny straight behaved hair (which also I never have), and never swears (which I ALWAYS do)…

Veronica tells me I have to get it right before I even try…Oh, do SHUT UP Veronica…

Who is your inner critic and does he or she tell you you have to get it perfect?

What would you do if you did not have to get it perfect??

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Much love,


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P.P.S The video again is http://balancedlifeyoga.emlnk1.com/lt.php?notrack=1&s=4c0aa916e3bf55c5e4c3a65eb92c4096&i=600A718A1A12071