How To Talk About Money, Sex, and The Kids Without A Fight
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How To Talk About Money, Sex, and The Kids Without A Fight
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Learn How To Ask For What You Want ... And Get It.
How To Talk About Intimacy, Finances, and The Kids Without A Fight
Maybe You’re Dodging “Awkward” Conversations To Avoid “Rocking The Boat”?
Or, perhaps there is a cycle of conflict that keeps you from communicating your needs to your partner, your family, or colleagues?

Most of us did not receive a formal education in money or sex or parenting, and most of us don’t know where to start when it comes to asking for what we want!

BUT, what if you could get what you (secretly) want in your bank account, bedroom, and the boardroom/career without feeling like a jerk, upsetting every single person in your life or just secretly hoping things will get better? ...
Be Clear, Confident and Compassionate
Join Us On An 8-Week Journey to Create QUANTUM LEAPS in Your Relationships, Your Income and Your Self! 

Get LASER-FOCUSED on what you want, take inspired ACTION, learn to RECEIVE, and learn to ASK with real power that actually gets results not resistance!
During this course and guided journey,  you will learn to:
  • Confidently state your worth, ask for what you want, and GET IT both in the bank account and bedroom!
  • ​Develop the skills, a practice, and inner know-how to handle anything and anyone so you can stop dreading and procrastinating having difficult conversations and move on without breaking a sweat (or saying something you might regret).
  • ​Stay centered, dream bigger, and create the life you want to live.
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Regularly $1,997
"I Saw A 30% INCREASE In Income In My First Month. "
I went from struggling and striving to ease and growth in a matter of a week! This gave me permission to want more, expect more, to experiment with my ideas and to trust and love myself. 

—Dr. Sarah Baxter, Chiropractor
This is NOT a Couple's Course
This is a GET-WHAT-YOU-WANT Course for Greater Success in Your Bank Account, Bedroom, and Business/Career.
Contrary to the false belief that it “takes two,” one person equipped with accurate thinking, proven relationship skills and powerful mindsets can close the distance in any relationship.

During this 8-week Master Course, you will:
  • Learn why money worries or arguments are a symptom of a greater issue and why it’s blocking success in your business/career and marriage.
  • Learn what that greater issue is really about, and how to overcome it fast!
  • Understand your own money values, style, and habits as well as your partner’s so you can have greater clarity and create agreements around money that allow you both to feel empowered
The How to Talk About Money, Sex and The Kids Without a Fight Master Course
How The Program Works
How to Talk About Money, Sex and The Kids Without a Fight is an eight-week program that takes you through detailed steps for success and gives you real-world support so you can get what you want and live, love, and create a life that continues to give back tenfold.

Get 2 full months of LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Valued at $2,000 per call) + Access to a Confidential Facebook Group and support to make this thing happen.

The core curriculum includes the following ...
  • 8 weeks of Live Coaching Calls on Zoom
  • ​8 core modules including over 30 individual video lessons with Ian and Shasta
  • ​8 weeks of group coaching in a Private Facebook Group
  • An extensive “How to” series that includes real-life scripts
  • Real-world modeling to demonstrate healthy dynamics between partners and colleagues
  • ​One-of-a-kind exercises to help you get the results you are seeking fast.
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What's The Cost Of Poor Communication In Your Personal and Work Lives?
It's easy to fall into the trap of complacency or even fury when charged conversations about money and  finances come up (whether at home or in regard to your business). However,  NOT talking about money and avoiding  the conversation altogether is costing you and your family! 

The problem is ...
  • We don’t know how to ask for what we want so we feel frustrated.
  • ​We settle, and may carry resentment, hurt and unmet needs that will erupt in our relationship.
  • ​We don’t know what to teach our kids, so the cycle continues.
The price we pay: We don't get the money we deserve from our businesses and the potential for MASSIVE blowouts about "money secrets" with your partner.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily create connection, feel seen and heard, and literally turn your biggest dreams about money, sex, and your life into a reality?
Get Started At $397!
Enrollment is limited and the price will only go BACK UP to $1,997!
Save $1,000 On The Course When You Enroll Today!
You made it easy! You gave me hope and so many tools. I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different in my marriage and life.

We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!

—Sara Best, Nutritionist, Emotional Eating Coach
Get clear on your deepest desires, even the secret ones.
  • Stop settling for what you “think” you can get, or what you “should” be happy with. Learn to go after what you really want.
  • Declutter your mind, heal the past and “take back the reigns” in the area of money, intimacy, and family with real power and ease. 
  • Rewire the brain for success so and no longer doubt yourself, settle or secretly worry people will abandon you if you ask for what you want.
  • Learn how to get what you want – how to ask, be heard, be understood and not feel like a jerk, while at the same time creating authentic relationships based on a win-win for all. 
  • Heal disconnect, distance or mistrust in any relationship but especially marriage or partnership thanks to the mindsets, tools and how-to's.
Get Started At $397!
Enrollment is limited and the price will only go UP! (Regularly $1,997)
Save $1,000 On The Course When You Enroll Today!
"From Hoping To Having The Relationship I want"
"Shasta has laser-like precision and a heart of gold!

With one question Shasta changed the energy and outcome of the central dilemma in my marriage. The result? I went from hoping to HAVING what I want in my relationship. Dreams do come true!"

—Amira Alvarez, Quantum Leap Coaching
In a Nutshell, Here's What You'll Learn:
Your Clarity Road Map
—AKA What You Really Want—
Your Clarity Roadmap
Most of us are clear on what is not working, but we are not clear on what we really want...or we are not specific enough about it. 

We also have internal beliefs and patterns about what we CAN have, what we deserve and what’s possible when it comes to money, marriage, sex, careers, kids and life.

During your first week,  you will:
  • Declutter the internal “stories” standing in your way to real clarity and good communication. 
  • Get clear on what you want, no matter where you are in your life or where you’ve been so you can stay aligned to it regardless of the internal resistance, or what others say.
  • ​Learn why you are getting what you ask for – wanted or unwanted – and begin to turn things around. 
Learn the FORMULA for getting what you want in your bank account and bedroom and the real-world numbers aka money, actions and steps you need to take, with ease, to create it. 
The Real Guardians at the Gate of Your Desire
—AKA Kung Fu Shame + Guilt—
From The Income and Intimacy Equation
For many of us asking for what we want is extremely challenging. Not only do we not have the skills, but worse, we have unconscious beliefs that hold us back. We have shame and guilt!

During Week 2, you will:
  • Pin-point when shame/guilt is controlling you, and how to literally stop it in its tracks.
  • ​Clear outdated “beliefs” from your family, culture, religion and education about money, sex and what you “deserve”.
  • ​Identify what is TRUE for you, and begin to feel free and more alive without working harder or feeling guilty.
Imagine knowing what’s really going on with someone – and how to respond from a place of confidence and compassion instead of reaction. Learn how to identify when others are being controlled by shame/guilt and navigate them with ease. 
Moving Past Set Points
—AKA Getting More Money, More Love, More Sex, Fast!—
From The Income and Intimacy Equation
Ever wonder why it seems you take one step forward and two steps back?

It’s because you have a “set point” or a comfort zone when it comes to everything in your life…your income, your bank account, your relationship, your sex life, heck, even weight.

During Week 3, you will:
  • Identify set points in key areas of your life—financial, sexual, and even happiness.
  • ​Learn why we get stuck in these set points.
  • ​Learn THE #1 way to move past your set points quickly and start experiencing the money, sex and joy you want
Identify your partner’s set points and learn how to create what you want no matter what they are thinking, doing or how they are acting. Don’t worry, we are about to teach you how to talk about this too! 
Your Money + Sex “Personality” 
—AKA How to Live, Love and Talk Like the World’s “Wealthiest” People—
There is an “equation” that the world’s most successful—that is wealthiest, happiest and most satisfied people know, and in week four you will learn it too! 

But first it is important to clearly identify what your “style” or personality is when it comes to talking about money, sex, and the kids.

During Week 4, you will:
  • Learn the #1 “communication” mistake you are probably making when it comes to money and sex
  • ​How to Identify Your Money and Sex Communication “Personality”
  • ​How to Assess Your Partner’s Money and Sex Communication Personality and determine if you are compatible, and what to do next.
What the 1% Know that You Don’t – Learn how wealthy people/couples think and TALK about money and sex that you probably don’t! Yup, the world’s 1% wealthiest and happiest people DO THIS, and we will share it with you! 
Learn to Ask + Get!
—AKA I Wish I Had Learned This 20-Years Ago—
From The Income and Intimacy Equation
Imagine having the skills to ask for what you want without feeling pushy, “salesy” or awkward. 

Better yet, learn how to ask and actually be heard, understood and create even better connection with your spouse, your kids, your clients or sales prospects, or your employer/employees.

No more nagging. No more hiding. No more “just doing it yourself”.

During Week 5, you will:
  • Discover how to ask for what you want without majorly upsetting your partner, boss, clients or alienating your friends and family.
  • Learn our proven real-world script to talk to your partner about money, sex and the kids without a fight so you are getting more of what you desire.  
  • ​Get equipped with everything you need to talk to your clients or your boss about your WORTH so you get paid more!
Get our proven "how-to" guide to move through other’s reactions including meltdowns, mean words, stonewalling and tantrums so you can remain unaffected but also keep moving forward especially when unexpected “crap” comes up
Learn To Receive
Honestly—most of us SUCK at really truly receiving all the good stuff including prosperity, pleasure and joy that this life has in store for us.

We might even feel like we have to give all the time—at work, in our business, in the bedroom—and this is a recipe for resentment and burn out!

What would be possible for your life, marriage and income if you gave yourself permission to really receive and accept all the goodness that is coming your way?

During Week 6, you will:
  • Expand yourself to new and even greater heights and learn why this isn’t selfish or unrealistic, but a necessary part of being human and growing.
  • Identify when you are blocking “goodness” in your life and how to stop it!
  • Learn how to ask for support, assistance and more JUICINESS so that you actually receive it.
Learn the secret to creating MORE of what you want, and literally having people respond to you in a way that is loving, magnetic and powerful...We are the #1 way to keep getting what you want and literally "rewire" your brain for good, AND get more good in all areas of your life.
Coming Clean About Money
—How to Talk About Spending Habits, Debt, Finances and Goals without Divorcing—
Money is the #1 reason for divorce. Most couples just are NOT on the same page, and worse, have secrets, resentments and massive insecurity. These things could be cleared up fast if we just addressed them. 

But, most of us avoid these conversations because they are painful, uncomfortable and we don’t want to “dredge up the past”.

Imagine no more secrets, no more hiding, no more fear when it comes to money and marriage.

Imagine learning how to talk about money without a massive blow up and feeling like you are on the same page as your partner!

Week 7 we get real, and talk about how to talk about:
  • Your own past money mojo – how to share the secret bank account, the massive debt you have been hiding or the fact you don’t have a clue about where your financial future might be. We give you our script!
  • ​How to talk about your partner’s money “stuff” without getting into a fight or just ignoring it including their spending habits, debt, fears and worries. Conversation-starters are included in this exercise.
  • ​Creating a shared vision together even if one of you is a spendthrift and the other a fruglista.
Create Million Dollar Success As a Couple - What Your Financial Planner Doesn’t Know—We'll share the ONE thing we have done to stay on track financially together, despite having slightly different spending habits and money personalities. It’s not about saving every dime or policing each other, but does it require a special tool that we share in this module! 
Let’s Talk About Sex
— AKA We Saved The Best for Last!—
Income + Intimacy Equation
Money is the #1 cause of divorce but sex is the #2 cause! 

So often sex can feel flat, boring, frustrating or take a back burner in a busy life. A big reason is that we have no idea how to talk about sex, or when we do it creates a massive meltdown. 

But you can learn how to talk about sex with ease.

This final week you will learn how to :
  • Talk about what you like and what you need without a fight – in and outside of the bedroom.
  • Share what you want without shame – even your fantasies - without making your partner feel insecure.
  • Hear what your partner wants and how to come to an agreement sexually so you both feel satisfied and alive!
What Your Therapist Doesn’t Know - Good-bye Betrayals, Bad Behavior & Jealousy - Receive our proven method and real-world “scripts” that help you speak to the really triggering challenges of past betrayals, bad behavior, resentments, and jealousy so you feel safe, understood and heard like never before! 
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Enrollment is limited and the price will only go UP! (Regularly $1,997)
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If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, you will also:
  • Declutter internal fears about money, worthiness and “things falling apart”.
  • ​Understand how to own your value, and stop undercharging and playing small.
  • Lose the fear of selling, so you can convert prospects into paying clients and overcome objections with ease.
  • ​​Release negative stories or beliefs about money and what’s possible for you.
  • Get exclusive access to proven tools, scripts, and templates to support you in implementation.
  • ​Learn how to talk to your team and truly delegate while getting them 100% on board.
  • Learn how to truly lead and stop hiding your authentic voice and ideas in order to “fit in”.
  • ​Learn why speaking up, and how to do it can actually lead to a promotion or business growth as well as establish real credibility and leadership for yourself.
  • How to actually ask for a salary increase without sounding like an entitled jerk.
  • ​Release fears and insecurities about money, your self-worth and what’s possible for you.
  • ​Learn how to balance work and life and have your needs and wants met in both areas WITHOUT SACRIFICE.
Oh, But There's More ...
Sign up today and receive these three game-changing BONUSES.
The Ultimate Get ‘Em Talking Cheat Sheet
Learn the 8 questions to ask to get your partner talking, even if it feels like your relationship has been at a standstill.

If you’re really serious about improving the communication in your marriage, then this cheat sheet will get things moving fast.

The Male + Female Perspective
Learn from actual in-person teachings and ask those questions you have been afraid to ask, until now.

You will see us interact from the space of the powerful and loving Man and Woman as we address specific concerns and questions about the Masculine and Feminine.
Private Facebook Group Coaching
Get support from us and be surrounded by like-minded men and women who want to have more success and live and love with no limits.

This is a safe, confidential and positive space to talk about some of the most triggering things on the planet—money, sex, self-worth—so we take our role as your loving, compassionate, clear and “walking the talk” guides very seriously.
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Enrollment is limited and the price will only go UP! (Regularly $1,997)
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"From Divorce To Deep Love Again"
"A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is hard to believe all the changes that have happened in just a few weeks of working with Shasta. I am so glad I did this.

I did not know my partner felt the same way, but Shasta taught me how to actually listen and be heard. Now, we both have the tools we need to be successful together. It feels amazing. I am so glad I did not give up."

—Gloria Ogston
Ian Lavally + Shasta Townsend 
We’re Ian Lavalley and Shasta Townsend, married business owners, best-selling authors, international speakers and success mentors who have gone through our share of major breakdowns, massive debt, “dry spells” and near-divorce…

At one point, one of us even had a $40K secret bank account. There was mistrust, fear, shame—all projections we placed on each other as partners because we didn't know  how to talk  about  the hard stuff.

Today, we have a rock solid relationship after 20 years of tried and true success practices, taking individual responsibility, real-world experience, and the tools we used to heal the distance in our marriage. Through our unique process, we have been able to triple our  income and intensify the fire between us.

Now, we teach hundreds of men, women, and couples how to ask for what they want so they can create a fulfilling life by design.
This is for you if you are:

Longing For Great Relationships & Great Sex

Male or Female, Married, Single, Divorced, Dating or Waiting for Mr./Miss Right (Heterosexual, Gay/Lesbian, Bi-gender, Monogamous, Polyamorous)

At Any Stage In Life

AND you wish to feel MORE CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and JUST PLAIN SKILLFUL when it comes to the money, relationships, human connection and the art of communication.

A Business Leader

Entrepreneur, Employee, or Retiree AND you want to have a great relationship with money, and attract even more of it.
"Way More Than Expected! Deeper Connecting = More Opportunities"
"I gained insight and growth that I wasn’t expecting. Amazing opportunities are popping up in all areas of my life thanks to all I learned with Shasta. I realize the importance of connecting to myself and my partner in order to create the life I want. I let go of needing to fit a certain “role” which totally freed me. Thank you Shasta."

—Deanna Gutierrez, Wellness Advocate + Entrepreneur
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Money Back Guarantee!
This course has a 7 day no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love the course or our Canadian accents gets on your nerves, then no worries, eh—We’ll refund your money with no hard feelings. 
Frequently Asked Questions
"How is this different from other 'communication' courses?"
A: We guarantee that you get results because we aren’t JUST teaching you scripts and complicated processes, we are teaching you how to BE clear, confident and compassionate WHILE know HOW to influence others to get what you want.

"Can I do How To Talk About Money, Sex, and The Kids without my partner? And, if so, why?"
A: Absolutely! We recognize you may not be at a place where your partner is ready or able to join you for the program so every part of it is designed to support YOU in making the internal shifts necessary to thrive in your relationship, business or career. 

We have also included scripts that you can follow to begin the conversation or take it to a deeper level.

"I want to do this but I am not sure how to talk to my partner about this."
Amazing, and congratulations! Taking responsibility and getting real on what you want is EXACTLY why you NEED this program!

We get that it can feel uncomfortable to talk to your partner about your needs and wants, and especially your desire to work on yourself or your relationship, so again, that’s why you NEED this program.

If you fear arguments, “freeze outs” or meltdowns…it will NOT GET BETTER ON ITS OWN! But we can teach you how to speak to your partner about EVERYTHING…and how to stay authentic and centered too. You will finally get a step-by-step process for navigating ANY conversation with your partner or other human... without an argument.

"If I’m not sure I’m going to stay in my relationship, or I am currently single why do I need to still take this training?"
A: We totally get it, and there’s a call for some tough love here. Both you and your partner are responsible for you are co-creating in your relationship. No matter whether you stay or leave, you are still taking YOU with you. This is your chance to invest in yourself, regardless of your future. 

"If my relationship or business is already ‘okay’, would this still be worth my time?"
 A: Ask yourself: is your relationship, sex life, income and life is truly as satisfying as you desire it to be… or is it only ‘okay’? Life is too short and love matters too much to just be ‘okay’. You can have it all, and we will show you how!

"I’ve tried everything including therapy and counseling… why would this work for me?"
A: There’s a reason why traditional marriage or individual counseling doesn’t work at this level of transformation - it focuses on problems and old stories. Counseling seems to ask us to dredge up old stuff and then go home and try a different response, much like being asked to skydive without a parachute. How to Talk About Money, Sex and the Kids Without A Fight puts you in the pilot’s seat for your relationship, income and life! 
"How is the program delivered?"
A: This course is BOTH an 8-module online learning experience that you can do on your time, AND a guided coaching and support program.

You receive 8 modules with 30+ videos, scripts, exercises and clarity practices AND also a weekly group coaching call with Ian and Shasta.

These weekly group calls are done via zoom conferencing and they are a powerful way to get your questions answered, find solutions fast and feel 100% SUPPORTED!!!

These calls take place on Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern. They are also recorded if you can’t make them live.

You receive a TON of support to be successful and integrate these skills so you stay calm, cool and collected, no matter what!! 

"What if I miss one of the group coaching calls? Is this still worthy my time?"
A: Of course, first you have access to ALL our information in this course which alone would be well worth the investment.

And there are 8 weeks of coaching calls so even if you attend ONE call that is worth getting your questions answered and moving forward with clarity and ease. (We usually charge close to $2,000 for coaching calls with us btw.)

Finally, all calls will be recorded. So even if you miss a call, you can listen in after AND we will also take your question ahead of time so if you miss the call live you can listen to our response.

"What if I have other questions?"
A: You can send your questions to
"What's the cost of the program?"
A: This is a power-packed program which is priced well below the value of the transformation you will get in your relationship and business.

We want you to do this program, so we have priced it at $997 or 3 payments of $397. Prices are in USD. 

"My Relationship Shifted Profoundly"
"Thank Goddess I reached out to Shasta instead of walking away or closing doors due to my own fear. We are now back on track and I feel more solid and bonded in our relationship than ever. In my own heart and mind, I keep coming back to what I’ve learned from Shasta, and my relationship continues to get better and better!"

—Michelle Leath, Live + Eat Fearlessly
"Dissolving Barriers To Love"
"When I signed up for Shasta’s coaching it was my intention to explore my barriers to love.

After working with Shasta my life has unfolding in a way that allows me to feel the presence of the Universe touching my heart and allow my grace, compassion, love and acceptance. The man I am now dating said, “Do I get to see your pretty face today?” I think that is a movement in the right direction to dissolving the barriers to love. Thank you, Shasta”

—Denise Lampron,
Know Your Worth. Ask For What You Want.
And Get It In Your Bank Account And The Bedroom.
Get Started At $397!
Enrollment is limited and the price will only go back UP to $1,997!
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