In Honour of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
Join Toronto area Women’s Entrepreneurship Day representative and success mentor, Shasta Townsend

The Feminine Art of Clarity, Confidence + Cash Flow

Success in 2020 – An Intensive for Women 

Sunday, November 24, 2019 9:30 am-1:30 pm
Early Bird Ticket $49 until November 19, 2019
Regular $99
Kedron Dells Golf Club, Oshawa, ON
Will 2020 be your VISIONARY year? 

It can be! This is your invite to join a special event to make it so…

Female entrepreneurs and business leaders at any stage of their business or career, will gain clarity, amplify confidence and create a visionary plan for 2020 in all areas of life thanks to The Feminine Art of Clarity, Confidence + Cash Flow.

Early Bird Ticket $49
If you have moments of self-doubt or worry…

…want to overcame financial highs and lows, “impostor syndrome’, and the struggle for work/life balance…

…want to ROCK out 2020 with clarity, confidence and a plan…

In this intensive, with success mentor, Shasta Townsend, you will receive some of the most powerful mindsets, cash flow systems and means to find guilt-free success, including:

Get Clarity
Get in 100% in alignment with your mission. Get absolute clarity and make sure you're on the right path. There are too many women doing what they think they should be cause society tells them too or are afraid of being seen. Learn how to “own it” and get clear, and what goals you want to accomplish with and through your business.
Remove Blocks
Even when you are really clear on your goals, there are always unconscious and invisible blocks that hold you back. We will dig deep and become aware of them and then do some exercises to help you shift those blocks so they no longer burden you on your mission or vision. As well, you will learn how to MAGNETIZE the success you desire in all areas of your life.

Free Up Your Energy
I guarantee there are things you are doing with your time that are sucking your soul. In this ONE exercise we'll work through you'll be able to free up your time and energy so every day feels like pure flow. You'll get more done and feel better in the process as well.

Practical Next Steps
We'll help you get super clear on what your next natural and in-flow step is in your business, including generating more cash, and help you fast track your success and have a ton of fun with like-minded people while you're doing it!
Enough is Enough
  • No More People Pleasing…
  • No More Struggle and Playing Small
  • No More Doing It ALONE!
Book your ticket now $99 $49 Early Bird
Join us. This will be THE best investment you make this year.
Proceeds will go to local girls entrepreneurship groups.

Shasta Townsend

Shasta Townsend overcame an early life of poverty and struggle to become a successful multi-preneur, best-selling author and a sought after success mentor. 

She is also a corporate escapee who built successful 7-figure businesses using both Universal Laws and strategic thinking.

In fact, her unique brand of spiritual understanding and business strategy has helped thousands of people break free of limits and create more impact and income in their lives and business.

She is the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador, a UN event, for the Toronto area, and brings you this event to celebrate female creators everywhere! 

This Intensive is for You If:

• You feel at a pivot point and you know that there is more out there for you
• You're about ready to flip some tables and really embrace success on your terms.
• You're ready to rewire your brain and shift your energy to open up brand new life changing possibilities
• You don't feel that your current environment is the best place to support you in your next phase
• You believe having support and strategies to help you break through your sh*t is what you need
• You LOVE to stretch yourself and personal growth excites the heck out of you!
• You're an action taker and coachable and prepared to participate in some outside the box techniques
• You're ready to take different actions to get exceptional results in your life and shift to a new normal
Book your ticket now $99 $49 Early Bird
Even if you are NEW to business or haven’t quite started your business, this is for you.
We welcome all women who wish to create with grace, power and clarity.
Bring a friend who could use some clarity, confidence and cash flow too!
Men who support and are allies to passionate, creative women are welcome too!
No rain-checks. No cancellations or refunds.  
Book your ticket now $99 $49 Early Bird
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