don’t tell the Kondo

Happy Friday 13th


I did something super freaky recently and cleared out my closets – not for the usual reasons though…


This is an actual photo of all the stuff.

If you look closely you will see there aren’t even sheets on the bed because I got rid of those too.


I was relentlessly chucking stuff out and into a super-sized contractor sized garage bag. 


Only I was NOT doing it to declutter.


Don’t tell Marie Kondo. 


I was doing it to UPLEVEL.


Everything in our environment is either adding to our feeling of success or taking away from it. 


I looked at my worn-out tee shirts and 10-year-old Lululemons and feeling less than Queenly. 


So out they went. 


I pulled a Mommy Dearest and even chucked out the hangars the clothes were on.


If you look around your world and see that the clothes, bedsheets and even relationships are not adding to your feeling of beauty, success and even Divinity, then they gotta go.


What needs to go you in your life??


Reply and tell me. 

I would love to know…


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In service + love (and less worn-out clothes!)




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Here’s the actual super-size garbage bag of donated clothes and sheets. Send me a picture of yours!