changing reality, fast, in any relationship

“I need to know one simple way I can create better connection with my wife, fast.”


A perfect question during a recent media interview. 


Whether you are in partnership or not, this brief article will help you create an amazing reality in ANY relationship so read on…


Listen, we all want to know how to create new results quickly – to change reality and get what we really want, especially in our relationships I believe.


This, however, requires a shift in how we think, feel and act – not just another communication technique.


One of the fastest ways to re-pattern your brain and create lasting results in relationships is to LOOK FOR THE GOOD.




This is the answer I gave the podcast host who asked how to create connection, fast.


“Look for the good.


“Look for something to get turned on about.


“Be someone who can ‘turn on’ your partner.”


It is easy to look for reasons to complain and criticize another in any relationship, particularly our intimate relationship. It’s a disease of dysfunction in our culture – all the complaining…


To make it worse, we get comfortable in intimate relationship and that comfort can lead to complacency and even meanness. People often reserve the bitchiest, snappiest comments for their spouse. 


But, if you want to create rich relationships you will remember in any moment things can be as good as you want them to be or as bad.


What will you choose?


Will you look for the good? 


For me, I look at my husband and business partner, Ian, and see all the physical things I love about him – his eyes, his wide shoulders, his wonderful style.


I also see all the mental, emotional and spiritual things I love about him too – he is one of the smartest people I know (and smarts turns me on), he always has a unique view that I miss, he is generous and brings out the best in people. He is also extremely dedicated and loving, and taught me to be better at both.


Does he annoy me at times?


You betcha.  I annoy him too. 


We rub each other the wrong way at times. But, if we nurtured those annoyances, we would destroy this relationship pretty fast.


Instead, we seek to find the good in each other.


We also take personal responsibility to make it easy for the other person to find the good too.


We take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually so we show up well for ourselves and the one we love.


As we move into 2020 can you decide to make it a habit to look for the good – in the one you love, and everyone?


Can you commit to making it easy for others to see the good in you?


By the way this does NOT mean ignoring things in yourself or your relationship that need to be addressed or changed. Get the help to do so. Stop ignoring things, but stop just complaining about them too. 


Take action.


In fact, this re-patterning will actually help you see opportunities, new realities and maybe even what you really want because your mind will be more open thanks to gratitude. 


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You don’t have to do this alone!


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