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How I “Manifested” $20,000 in Free Luxury Travel – It’s Not Law of Attraction

Ever feel like you’ve fought so long for control, command, money, reputation, love and pleasure?

Maybe you have a dozen different trainings, hired a ton of coaches, and spent hours in therapy in your attempt to “get there”, and yet, your creations, your work, maybe your love life and bank account is far from satisfying.

The truth is that you can not get there from the “old ways” of constant self-improvement, energy management and doing doing doing or total procrastination…or you would have!

You must activate the Greatness Codes – embrace a deep, dark potency, a stillness where you can attune and INSTANTLY create, and create the unimaginable too.

I’m not talking about healing our Shadow or the never ending self-help/ transformational journey.

I’m talking about embracing the portal of what you want so deeply, of who you are so deeply and the identity you have to give up to let that through (which is so fucking liberating you will wonder why you clung so hard for so long).

I know because I have done it.

In this place I’ve created unreasonable results:


  • $20,000+ in a 30-day period in free 5-Star luxury travel
  • instant national news coverage (no PR company or pitching)
  • significant profits in the sale of real estate properties
  • even a weight shift.

The mind can’t make sense it. But, all of this is not coming from the mind.

Old Keys Won't Open New Doors

It also did NOT come from constant management of thoughts and energy.

I did NOT line up to a frequency as Law of Attraction teaches.

I did NOT have a vision board.

I did NOT have to heal all my ancestral wounds, go to a therapist for a decade  or align my chakras.

I did NOT wait for “Divine timing”.

I did not follow the old middle class values of “hard work”, “playing it safe” and being a “good girl”, the same values many are clinging too during the pandemic.


The truth is new Code of Greatness are dropping.

The old “matrix” of the Light worker, the over management of the mind and the energy body, and the ever constant feedback loop is dead.


…Of accessing what is ALREADY in your body.

How I Did This

All of the results above came from a deeper place of power within me.
(And you can have the same).

It came from the body, specifically the Dark Feminine body that is the birthplace of all delicious things in the Universe.  


The bonus us I know no longer care:


  • what people think of me,
  • if I am “too much”,
  • if I am too sexual
  • if I am too demanding.

And, ironically all I desired started showing up. With no management. With no long timeline. With no matching frequency.

Portal Jumping – “Manifestation is Dead”

Here's the crux friend – this has nothing to do with manifesting – not money, not love, not success.

I am no longer a match for a future vision.

I don't constantly manage my energy.

I do something far more fun, more powerful, and more magical.

I activate. I am activated.
While you’ve been taught to be a match for money or whatever you desire in the moment, I’m here to show you how to unpack the moment to reveal the hidden codes within – ones that you can only get to when you actually DITCH the vision you have for money – because only then can you go silent and still enough to see it. To see the unimaginable.


I can take the codes spinning in the current moment – in EVERY moment – and fashion them into cash or 5 star travel or whatever you want.


Because of that, I become a vessel for divine chaos in the moment… from Nothing.


True creation. There’s no upkeep or maintenance of my energy here.

It’s portal living. And it’s now ready to land for you too.

Want this?

I see the greatness codes in you!

Let's activate them.


I Didn’t Forgive Them ~ What to Do When Friends Betray You


They say about 10% of the population are assholes.

You know the ones who chuck McDonald’s wrappers out of their suburban. At the lights. In front of the kids.

The one who rides the right lane until it ends and then signals and cuts you off at the last minute, even though you patiently merged 2 miles ago…

The one who bullies the soccer coach into making their kid captain even though “goal” is a word the kid can’t spell never mind produce.

But I’d say the pandemic has revealed more assholes or at least asshole behavior than a mere 10% of the population.


That’s the trouble with a global plague – uncertainty, rapid and never-ending change, and the 24-hour doom news cycle it can bring out the asshole in anyone.



I agree that uncertainty makes humans anxiety machines as our fear centres go haywire on their desire for “the Known” AKA the comfort zone.

But, I’ve also seen a lot of asshole behavior from “spiritual” people during this last 18 months that makes me not only question the 10% rule, but also the deeper shadow in the spiritual community especially as it comes to personal expression, sexuality and money…but that is a topic for another day.


During this past year, I experienced “friends” and “team members” resort to the kind of mafioso behavior that would make Tony Soprano proud including fraud, lies, manipulation and theft – all with a namaste swirl at the end.

People I had known for 10 or more years…

People I had mentored and given ample support, opportunity and a ton of time…

People who said they loved me and the community I created…

Lied. Stole. Betrayed.


Now before this comes off as a self-pitying rant, let me say that it is not.


And before some spiritually immature know-it-all, starts using words like “karma” or “Law of Attraction”, let’s just own the fact that people are assholes, especially when they have not done the work to transcend their own fear about money or change or their own personal power and where it really comes from…


And yes, even if they can translate adho mukha svanasana into downward dog, they too can be assholes…

So, whether it’s your so-called team members who try to defraud you or the soccer mom who tries to steamroll you, the question becomes:


“What do we do with assholes?”


Most people would tell you to forgive assholes…To send them love and light. I say fuck that.


I say make it NOT matter.

It just does not matter.

They don’t matter.


Now this is some major ninja self-mastery stuff, and likely not something you are going to hear from Instagram gurus so stay with me.

Feel the pain, the anguish, the revenge fantasies AND then just make it not matter.

This is a choice.

You just make it not matter.


To me, the need for forgiveness means I am still making this matter, a lot. I am not saying NOT to forgive, I am saying make it not matter.

The more we nurture those feelings of rage, victimization and frustration, the more of an asshole we become AND worse off, we actually can’t see the open lanes, the opportunities and the real friends in our life.

We get stuck in a cycle. We keep the hurt going, sometimes for decades. We get sick in mind, body and spirit…

We can attempt to forgive, but really, we just need to make it not matter.

I am not saying that your pain doesn’t matter, or those bitter moments in life aren’t real.

I am saying that each of us has a choice.


If we truly believe all the Goddess/ Divine Feminine stuff we say we do, then we also have to believe that we are powerful creators who can overcome anything IF we choose (and with the right tools).


Portal Jumping 

Here are some questions to help you jump into a new portal of peace:


  • What are you making matter that really does not?


  • What are you accepting that you really need to stop?


  • What do you have a taste for?


Next Level Ninja Goddess Stuff

And if you want to take this self-mastery, embodied Divine Feminine, and walk-the-talk ninja stuff to new levels of personal peace and confidence as well as amplified wealth and success, and find the ways to tell delusional soccer moms where to go with real poise and effect, consider The Embodied Mastery training and certification.

Find out if this applies to you now.



It’s time to make the assholes NOT matter, and your “tastes”, wants and peace the only thing that really matters in your life.


You are a fucking Goddess!


Shasta Townsend







Love your business, hate selling? (the secret)

You love your business.

But you kind of hate selling???

Here’s the problem: without selling, you don’t have a business.

When you learn how to sell well, you serve more people AND you increase your own earning potential. I know because I did this!

Last year, I tripled my income results and passed into a 7-figure mark in my business. I also served way more people because I learned how to help THEM get what they need and wanted.

That’s really what “selling” is all about – being in service in a bigger way!

That’s why I want you to learn a way of selling that feels great – for you AND for your customer.

What if you could sell with your heart and soul – instead of feeling inauthentic and pushy?

What if you could reach more people with your products and services – WHILE creating the freedom and income you’re longing for?

What if you could not only develop and deepen your sales skills – but also come to LOVE selling?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in the free virtual event I’m part of, The Art of Selling to a Woman: How to Connect, Engage and Sell to the Female Consumer

Fellow entrepreneur Tanya Pluckrose has brought together 21 sales experts (including me!) to teach you a way of selling that’s natural, authentic, and connected. It starts on May 20, but you should reserve your spot now!

I actually talk about what female sexuality and selling have in common!

During this free, virtual event you’ll learn how to:

  • Approach selling in a unique and refreshing way (sales isn’t what you think!)
  • Forget the sale and create value (because value trumps price every time)

  • Leverage the #1 decision-making factor (it isn’t logic)

  • Create better sales results and win more business no matter your industry (get ready to skyrocket)

If you’re ready to love all parts of your business, including sales…

If you’re ready to connect with and sell to your ideal client, ditching awkward, uncomfortable pitches…

If you’re ready to learn how to sell with integrity…

This show is for you. Get access here: 

This show is free to you – but don't discount its value because it's free! There's a veritable gold mine of information here. The speaker list includes multiple bestselling authors, world-renowned sales leaders, and changemakers and visionaries in the game of selling.

Get access here: I WANT THAT!

Your Well-Meaning Spouse {is NOT Your Mentor}

In nearly two-two-decades of working in the world of personal development and entrepreneurship I cannot tell you how many well-meaning husbands who genuinely love their spouses and want the best for them, have advised:

“You’re smart, you don’t need a coach. You can figure this stuff out on your own…

“You are perfect. You don’t need to do that program/training/development!..

Or my personal fav:

“I know a bit about business/have a tourism degree/lead teams, so just learn from me.”

Never ever do I recommend your spouse replace a mentor.

First, they are just too close to you, and have their “stuff” going on and in many ways want you to stay the same because it works for them. (With love, but this is TRUE).

Secondly, when we allow our spouse to make decisions for us we are COMPLETELY CUT OFF from our internal knowing and power!

Even if you’ve never heard something like this from your spouse who wants to keep you safe and “save you money,” maybe you’ve told it to yourself…

…That’s how dominated we are by “martyr” thinking, that we think our value is based on how much we can do alone!

What few people understand is that a great mentor will short cut time, struggle and actually help you MAKE money in the long run.

For the woman who wants to THRIVE, succeed faster, and make more money sooner (don’t pretend you don’t!) without blowing out your adrenals or your marriage, the SMARTEST THING you can do is allow yourself mentorship, community and support as you fulfill your purpose.

Will 2019 be your year???

It is a perfect time to take action to get the support and mentoring…and it is definitely NOT your spouse!

I mentor success focused, service-driven women who are solo-preneurs, transformational teachers, coaches, artists and heroines who wish to create more impact and income without sacrificing themselves!

If you are ready to create more then go NOW to:

Much love,


P.S. I am taking a SMALL number of one-on-one clients in 2019 who wish to create amazing results, accelerate their income and make a bigger impact. Reach out to find out of that is for you at

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How to Stop Second Guessing Yourself {My Formula to Make Great Decisions}

“I have to sit with this.

“I have to think about it.

“I have to ask the Universe.

“I am scared so that must mean it’s not right.”

These are all responses I have heard myself and others say when faced with a decision.

And it’s all bullshit.

The thing is we are all born with an innate knowing.

We are born clear. We come forth with no shame or guilt about what we want or taking the next step to get it.

Think about it – when toddlers are learning to walk they don’t “have to sit with it” or “feel it in their body.” 

They go for it, bruised noses and all.  They have a relentless desire for more.

We all have a relentless Desire for more but we start to question it.

Later in life we start second guess everything. We take on the fears of our family, our culture, our friends and even our lovers.

We fear being judged, getting it wrong, making a mistake, ending up more broke/alone/wrong, so we “sit with it”.

Mistakes feel super painful so we avoid making one and thus decisions.

But you know what’s even more painful – REGRET!!

What if you had never taken the risk to learn to walk

Would you regret that?

YES! It sounds so ludicrous to even ask.

Nothing will change until we take the next step, and we can’t take a step by “sitting with it”.

We can take a step even with the fear.

Yes, we need to be discerning but most of us do KNOW what we want and even what the next step is for us, but we talk ourselves out of it.

One of the best things I taught myself was HOW TO MAKE A DECISION, QUICKLY.

Here’s My Formula for Making a Decision:

1.Be Clear On What You Want – So simple…but lots of people are afraid to claim what they want. So this is your permission to get clear and declare to yourself what you want!!!!!

For me, I got clear that in 2019 I wanted to be on more stages and on more media outlets so I could make a bigger impact.  Simply, my goal in 2019 is to be on 20 great stages and media platforms. It WILL happen. I’ve made the decision.

What do you want?  Define it clearly.


2.Pay Attention + Trust Universal Laws – One of the best things I ever did was study Universal Laws. I understand the Law of Vibration (aka Law of Attraction) – that what IS showing up in my experience – whether it is a coaching program, training, speaking gig or travel opportunity – is coming my way because of my Desire.  I am literally in harmony with it. I can feel confident because if it was NOT meant for me it would NOT be in my experience.

If I use the same example as above, I had an opportunity to study with a world re-known speaking coach and I was an immediate YES.

I knew this man was showing up in my life at the perfect time because it was what I wanted. I made the decision and investment with ease because I KNOW he is here to help me in my vision. I literally manifested him so I was COMPELLED to trust that and take the next step.

What is showing up in your experience that could help you BE, DO OR HAVE what you really want?  

3.NEVER Make Decisions Based on MoneyI used to order the cheapest thing on the menu even if I didn’t want it. ACK. Now I order what I WANT.

I have learned to NEVER make decisions based on money or price point. In fact now if something is “too cheap” I don’t buy it because I’m pretty sure it won’t help me get the results I want (and I want to work with people who value what they do). A $99 program means $99 results.   Do you want a Dollar Store kind of life? NOT ME!

Also, I hold myself accountable to create the money. So, I make a decision, Trust the Universal Laws and TAKE ACTION.  This is also known as The Law of Cause + Effect. I don’t wait for the fairies of the Universe to rain down pennies from the sky. I CREATE them!!

What are you talking yourself out of because of the money?  Ready to stop that?????

 What resource / action / opportunity for money is already here?

As we approach 2019, it is a perfect time to notice the voices of fear, to make a decision about what you REALLY want, and then to take action to get the support to create it, now.

That’s the thing about support – a great mentor can help you literally collapse time. 

If you want help in creating “magic” in your life and business, then reach out today

You can’t do it alone or you would have already!

And you CAN do it even with the fear.

Much love,


P.S. I am taking a SMALL number of one-on-one clients in 2019 who wish to create amazing results, accelerate their income and make a bigger impact.

Reach out to find out of that is for you at

P.P.S. Check out success stories of women like you saying YES to their success and what they are creating…