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this is for the lazy ones

Oh, I laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Why?

I’ve helped a lot of teachers, coaches and wellness professionals with their business.


Life coaches, wellness coaches, joy coaches, high-performance coaches, yoga/fitness coaches, abundance coaches, gluten-free coaches, empowerment coaches, vibrational alignment coaches.


Whatever the title you give yourself as a service provider, I’ve probably helped someone like you.


Can I tell you how many of those have asked me to barter?


In return for my services, they will help me do the following hilarious things:

  • Take more breaks
  • Learn the art of self-care
  • Attune my energy field
  • Put myself first, for once
  • Create that “something bigger than myself” that I’m craving in my life.

Um, have we met?


I am always grateful that someone wants to help. 


But, the truth is I am willing to PAY for all of those results. 


I value myself. My time. My life. 


What’s more you should too.


I never barter.


Bartering sends a message to the Universe that you aren’t willing to VALUE yourself.


Money is a symbol of exchange. When we exchange it we catalyze even more of it to come our way.

I see a lot of coaches and female entrepreneurs either bartering or (gasp) doing things for free.


This is NOT the way to build a business and it is not the way to build your self-worth, which is what you also need to build a rocking business. 


When you INVEST money, time and energy in your business you are saying to the Universe that you are worth it, your business is worthy it and that you are one of the SMART ones.




Yes, smart entrepreneurs are always seeking the right people to help them get the results they want and they are leveraging time. 


Time is a precious resource. 


X Time is the one resource you can’t get back. 

X Time is the one thing that you actually don’t have enough of.  

X Time is the one thing you can’t waste.  

Many of make the mistake of thinking:


“Next year”


“I have the time to “figure this out” on my own.


“I can mess around and just see what happens.”


The truth is that if you want more in your life then you have to take action and stop wasting time…I’m not saying don’t binge watch Vikings like I am apt to do on a Tuesday night…


I’m saying decide to VALUE yourself, your business and your time. 


Make an investment that will move things forward. Like NOW!


If you’re ready to have people drooling to work with you, be with you and buy from you then I’m opening up my calendar to help you.  


I have 20 spots in the next 2-weeks.  Get yours here.


2020 is the year where magnetic success could be sensational…in the most unimaginable way! J


Yep, free 30-minute one-on-one calls. Grab yours here


This is for you if you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time” or “I’ll get to that later” when it comes to a goal. (And, if you think you haven’t said that, you’re lying to yourself! Are you telling me you’ve followed through on all your goals to completion?)


In service + love,




P.S. – how have you not signed up for a free call? You do put things off, don’t you? I’ll help.

the sunk cost fallacy (my broke bootie story)

See these black boots?


They were THE best pair of boots I ever had.


Perfect for making me looking slightly taller and thinner, and yet with a heel that meant I could stand comfortably in TSA lines. 


I bought them in Spain as a memento when I found out I could not get a case of Rioja through Canada Customs.


But El Naturalista stopped making them.


And I have no travel booked for Madrid.


AND the zipper blew.  You can actually see that it’s broken on the right one.


I’ve checked to see if I could just get it replaced and it seems like it’s a MAJOR drama to find a cobbler these days.


I had to let them go, but it pained me to throw them away.


I had invested time, money and energy to find them – and I was that I’d never be able to replace them.


Side thought: Why is it women’s shoes are EITHER dowdy but feel good or sexy and tortuous? 


I know a lot of people who feel this way about their business and investments they made that did NOT PAY OFF.


Maybe you spent money to get coaching but you ended up knowing more than the so-called “expert”.


Maybe you spent months creating a website with perfect colors but no one goes to it let alone buys anything.


Maybe you sacrificed Thanksgiving dinner to chat with a buyer who was going to be your new bestie, only to find out they wanted your advice. FOR FREE.


Now you’re frustrated, resentful and maybe hungry.


You can’t seem to propel your business forward, and you can’t give up on past mistakes.


That’s the sunk fallacy cost. 


You’ve spent time and money on your business or training – and you can’t get it back.  


And, when you look at what you’ve invested, the harder it becomes to believe in yourself and invest again – so you don’t take any action or the right action. 


I hear this story all the time – and I’ve had it happen to me too.


I once paid a development team $10,000 to create a website. And they ran away with my money. I ended up suing them. It sucked. I was depressed, and felt like Joe Dirt (and that I should have known better). 


I let it get the better of me and then I decided that I needed to buck up and find the RIGHT help.


My rule of thumb is to always ensure the people you work with have PROVEN results and not just a glitzy website or sales pitch. 


Here’s how to know WHO to make an investment with in your business:


  1. They know the map and where you are on it – many entrepreneurs don’t have a clear vision for what they want – financially or in their business. A great mentor will always help you get clear on what that is both in terms of money and also who you want to serve/help, HOW you do that, and WHY people would buy from you. But, you also need to know where you are right now. Why you are where you are – maybe stuck? There’s a reason, and it’s always because of a belief or mindset. A great business mentor knows how to move play inner game and get outer results. 


  1. They be like a weed – I like to see growth every year in everything I do. Not from a pushy or hustle porn way, but from a knowing that just like the weeds in my garden, we are here to GROW and THRIVE. I only ever work with mentors or businesses who also have this mindset because I know they will cause me to keep moving forward and stay in an “upgrade” mindset and strategy.


  1. They’ve got substance and style – I have worked with a lot of clients who were told to build massive website or invest in mega branding when really they should have been getting clear on who they serve, how to serve them AKA make money and “owning” it, because the truth is that mentor was NOT MAKING ANY MONEY (other than taking their’s).  When you are considering working with a mentor or buying from someone check out their success stories and watch to see if that person DEMONSTRATES i.e. walks the talk or if they are just a pretty face. 


Feeling a little stuck and worn out like my boot’s zipper? 


Need help deciding if it’s time to upgrade your business?


If you’re ready to have people drooling to buy from you then I’m opening up my calendar to work with you.  


And for those of you who have been watching and listening to my podcasting, gracias! I will still be doing that and offering some DEE-lish intimacy acceleration retreats but I am first, spending time on my first love – helping people build their business in the early part of 2020!!!


I have 20 spots in the next 2-weeks.  Get yours here! 


2020 is the year where magnetic success could be your bitch. I mean that in the nicest way J


Yep, free 30-minute one-on-one calls. Grab yours here


This is for you if you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time” or “I’ll get to that later” when it comes to a goal. (And, if you think you haven’t said that, you’re lying to yourself! Are you telling me you’ve followed through on all your goals to completion?)


This is also for you if, like many of us, you’ve made some bad choices in the past, and I don’t just mean acid wash jean vests or high heel boots that you could not even walk in.


Forgive yourself, and book a call.


Much love,





Ps – how have you not signed up for a free call? You do put things off, don’t you? I’ll help.

my ladder was against the wrong wall

“Get a good job”.

That was the message hammered into me as a kid.

I grew extremely poor. My mother had not graduated high school and worked in low paying jobs. To her, an education, meant opportunity, which it definitely can. And wealth and security meant getting an education and then a “good job” – meaning a corporate job with a salary and a pension.

It was the path I followed. Getting not one, but two degrees in 4-years – cause you never know when you might need a back-up!

And then straight onto a salary job with a Fortune 500 that offered a ton of upward mobility especially to a woman who was willing to work long and hard and take a LOT of bullshit…

​​”Why am I so unhappy? I followed the path?” – my constant self-berating internal dialogue and worry.

Then​, gin soaked weekends to wash away the nagging feeling that I was living the wrong life.

Until I realized that I was.

​​After a few years in the corporate world and climbing the ladder, I realized “my ladder was against the wrong wall.”

I never considered being an entrepreneur when I was young.

​​I kinda fell into entrepreneurship when I opened my first business which I thought was going to be for a short time while “I figured shit out.”

Over 17-years later, that first business Balanced Life Yoga, is still going strong, and I have gone on to open 3 more businesses.

​​I may be a serial entrepreneur, and have no intention of stopping!

Entrepreneurship does take bravery, a strong work ethic and a little chutzpah.

Recently, I was interviewed by a brave entrepreneur, Jena Rodriguez for her podcast “The Brave Entrepreneur”.

We talk about how we both came to be business owners and how growing in poverty shaped our desires, goals and path.

As well, you will hear us talk about what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur, and even escape the corporate grind.

I loved this conversation. Jena is a brave master and her passion for entrepreneurship is wonderful.

I share the straight goods on how I went from corporate escapee to successful 7-figure business owner who only has a gin and tonic for enjoyment now!​

Listen now

Watch on YouTube

What do you think is required to be a brave entrepreneur?

He lost 1,000 Euros in 10 seconds!

Would you rather read the newspaper or make $1,500?

The answer seems obvious to me… 

I had a recent “duh, buddy” experience that made me really think about blind-spots and “being right” and how they are COSTLY! 

On our recent Life Is Beautiful trip to Tuscany, ten of us were wandering the local town in search of food, wine and good times.  

We were starving as it was 7:00 pm. 

We found one of the only restaurants in town whose door was open and we were thrilled. 

With hunger burning a hole and our credit cards out, we joyously greeted the owner, only to be told that he did not open up for an hour. 

The man was sitting at his own bar in his empty restaurant reading a newspaper, and ten people were begging to give him money, and he turned us away. 

I thought he must misunderstand so in my broken Italian I told him that ten of us wanted to eat and drink.  Could he not just serve us some wine for now if his kitchen was not open? 

“No” he said. “We would have to come back in an hour.” 

The business coach in me could not believe this… 

”Are you sure?” I asked. “There’s ten of us. We can just start with wine.” 

“No, I am not open yet.” 

The place was empty. 

Tables were set. 

Wine was easily opened. 

He was reading the freaking newspaper! 

Ten people wanted to spend 50-100 Euros a piece… a grand haul of 500-1,000 Euros – roughly $1,500 US – which for a local restaurant would have been great income AND he is in the SERVICE business…but he was more interested in following “the rules” and reading the newspaper.

He told us to come back later.  We DID NOT come back later. We went elsewhere, and cursed his stupidity.

If ten people, hungry for your product or service, pulled up to your proverbial door with credit cards out would you turn them away?  


✖️ You’re waiting to be ready.

✖️ You’re waiting to get it just right.

✖️ You’re allowing distractions to stop you.

✖️ You’re following “the rules” and believe it has to be hard or take a long time.

✖️ You’re questioning if you have the skills or authority.

✖️ You refuse to ask for the business or work on your money, sales and marketing skills.

Let me tell you, people are HUNGRY for what you got, but often because of our own blind spots “we turn them away at the door” and might not even know it. 

We also like to be right even when we are wrong. 

This man assuredly thought he was right. 

It cost him. That night, and probably many before and many after. 

Imagine if he did this at least once a month – that’s $1500 x 12 = $18,000 a year. 

That’s $18,000 a year that his blind spots and need “to be right” are costing him! 

What might your blind spots be costing you? 

Seriously, do the math! 

Breaking through them will require an investment of time, money and energy. Do you want to do that or do you want to keep losing money, time and clients? 

If you want not one mentor but two, and a kick ass group of people surrounding you as you amplify your success, you’ll be thrilled to hear that my husband, Ian and I are leading a Mastermind this fall. 

A mastermind is a group of people who are on the same path to success, share similar mindsets and wish to make great relationships and contacts to help them flourish. 

The Magnetic Success – Amplify Your Marketing, Money + Mindset Virtual Mastermind is a 3-month fast action journey to create more success when it comes to marketing, money and how you think…even if marketing or money freak you out…this is for you! 

You can create your dream business and life…and make a REAL impact and income…let us show you how… 

What You’ll Get: 

Be Confident – Mindset Reset + Confidence Builder

3 Live Business Mastermind + Mindset Reset Calls

? Thursday, October 10, 17, 24 ($1,997 value)

Live Full Day Confidence Builder + Owning the Space Training Day

? Live event Saturday, October 26 ($2,997 value). In-person or virtual attendance.

Be Magnetic – Marketing Mindset + Best Practices

4 LIVE Marketing Mastermind calls + Social media success

? November 7, 14, 21, 28 (2,497 value) 

Be Abundant – Sales, Pricing + Making An Offer

Live Full Day Money, Making An Offer + Enrolment Training Day. In-person or virtual attendance.  

? Saturday, December 7 ($2,997 value)

3 Live Sales, Pricing + Making An Offer Master Mind Calls  + Implementation

? December 5, December 12, December 19 ($1,997 value)

Bonus #1: Copy Review – Shasta + Ian will review any ONE program sales copy, ad copy or website page for impact, clarity and sales potential.  ($997 value) 

Bonus #2: Our 2020 Goal-Setting Masterclass (Monday, December 30) ($497 value) 

Bonus #3: 3-Month access to our mastermind community – October -December 31, 2019  (priceless) 

TOTAL VALUE =  $13,979 

In short, you’ll get ALL of this when you enroll in this special mastermind:

  • 10 mastermind coaching calls ($6,491)
  • 2 full day business trainings ($5,994)
  • Personalized Copy Review + Feedback ($997)
  • Access to the special 2020 Goal Setting Masterclass ($497)
  • Support + Connection with Like-minded people (priceless)

On paper that’s a $13,979 value. But again, the real value to you and your business will far exceed that. 

The best-est news: We are offering ALL of this for only $3,000! 

Grab your spot now

 Again, consider what NOT doing this might cost you. 

And do you want people writing testimonials about how AWESOME you are or that you couldn’t get off your butt to help them? 

Strong words – but time is the only thing you can’t get back, and missed opportunities!!! 

We have 6 spots available for our virtual mastermind which begins October 10, 2019. Imagine finishing the year on a high note! 

Grab your spot now

 We are excited to see you “pack the house” in your business, and are here with proven strategies, tools and support to make it easy. 

Have a question or not sure – just hit REPLY and ask OR we can set up a time to chat. 

Now I am off to find a coffee and croissant…I hope someone wants the business! 

Much love 


P.S. The Magnetic Success – Amplify Your Marketing, Money + Mindset Virtual Mastermind is a 3-month fast action journey to create more success when it comes to marketing, money and how you think…even if marketing or money freak you out…this is for you! 

The Grab your spot now



Those were the words of our new house sitter as she heard we needed her to take care of our house and cat while we headed to Italy for two weeks to lead a transformational retreat in Tuscany, and do a bit of travelling ourselves.

I always bristle when people say “Lucky!”

I am not a leprechaun nor have I ever found one. Though I did find a 4-leaf clover on my birthday this year…still no leprechaun jumped out of the cake.

Assigning things to “luck” is a sure-fire way to AVOID taking responsibility (and a great way to feel victimized).

“Lucky” often means some of us have hit the cosmic jackpot (that bitch!) and some of us are stuck in same-old-same-old (poor me!).

That’s not the way it works.

You are creating 100% of your results – all the time. You and only you are responsible for that – no leprechauns are coming to help you!!

Sure, there can be supporters and detractors. Good timing and shitty weather, but ultimately you get to decide how you live your life, share your work and whether you get on a plane to Italy.

I am not lucky. I am not special. I am actually a little bit introverted, love a good book, and have a queasy stomach that makes travelling a bitch sometimes, but I MAKE SHIT HAPPEN thanks to my “lucky formula”.

My “Lucky” Formula

  • I have a clear vision for what I want my life to look like.
  • I have clear sense of PURPOSE and SERVICE.
  • I practice success mindsets every day to stay in alignment with Spirit.
  • I take aligned action and if I don’t know something, I hire help.

That’s NOT luck…not really…but if you do this, people will wonder WTF you are doing and why you are so “lucky”.

What do you want to “make happen” for the remainder of 2019? Hit reply and let me know. I would love to hear.

Will this be your lucky year or just more of the same-old-same-old?

Watch my From Victim to Creator – 2 Essentials that Anyone Can Do Now ? 

It’s from my retreat teaching in Tuscany – Watch now. (link to

I am blessed for sure, but I am not lucky.

I have created everything in my life – the good and the bad – as have you.

Here’s the thing I DID do that I feel lucky about – I hired great mentors and teachers.

Do you need a great mentor to help you actually create what you want?

My husband, Ian and I are leading a 3-month virtual mastermind from mid-October to end of December 2019.

We believe that powerful transformation and success is possible for you, too.

Whether it is:

  • becoming a go-to in your industry,
  • transforming countless lives through your work,
  • generously providing for your family
  • or being able to work anywhere in the world…

You can create your dream business and life…and make a REAL impact and income…let us show you how…

Book a time to connect with me now and have a no-pressure chat about what “luck” you want to create and IF this mastermind is right for you:  link to

I am off to have a “lucky” glass of wine with amazing people.

Grateful every darn day!



P.S. The Magnetic Success – Marketing, Money + Mindset (3-Month Fast Starter) Mastermind starts the week of October 10, 2019. Enrollment ends on October 8, 2019 at 8 pm EST.

Even if you feel overwhelmed by it all, and have no idea where to start…

Or if you feel uncertain if you have something unique to offer or feel uncertain about “putting yourself” out there…


We can help you create a business, a life and in income that brings you true happiness and fulfillment…in less than 90 days.

Book a time to connect with me now and have a no-pressure chat about what “luck” you want to create and IF this mastermind is right for you… link to