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Dealing with Disappointment ~ The Fuel

Tears dropping into dust on a backroad trail, while birds, recently returned from south, sing fully.


A moment where the two ever moving waves of life – the “darkness” and “the light” wove in and out of me. 


Frustration. Sadness. Anger. But also, a cracking open or a softening down.


Allowing all the emotions. Just breathing. Listening to birds. 


The disappointment of unfulfilled plans. Lost moments. Opportunities gone. Sadness for what my global community is experiencing. 


But, also the knowing that something greater is birthing.


It’s unseen right now, but it’s in its gestation…

…if only I can be patient enough. 

…tolerant enough. 

…wise enough.


This moment is a chance to lean in to discomfort and witness it – no longer glossing it over with too much work, thinking or purchasing. 


  • For me, I see how challenged I can feel to have plans swept away. 
  • I see the way my mind loves “security”. 
  • I see how even now my mind wants to know what “I’m going to do with the rest of my life”. 


Most humans seek certainty above all else. 

“The Devil We Know” is how many of us navigate life, but we can’t right now.


At this time, the certain certainty we are accustomed to is gone. It’s frustrating, scary and annoying. 


The Unknown is challenging.


But we also have a chance to escape from our everyday experience and dive into those dark places – to examine WHAT we are just so frustrated about, angry about or scared of.  


And, it’s also a time to sing like birds sing, not caring who’s listening or what they think as Rumi said. 


  • We could find our inner hero and heroine and offer up much – to be seen, offer help, be helped and  – to stop the rabbit hole thinking of “poor me”.


  • We could accept an inner mission – to go deeper into love, Source and possibility.


  • We could strive to “master” ourselves and forge through our personal limitations.


I am using this time to do so personally and to offer the support to other who wish to do the same. May we come together and find fuel from this moment to burst into our Phoenix self.”


Much Love,



P.S. It is my honour to offer some unique opportunities to do so, and take this journey with. Me. Keep reading.


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Certified Meditation Specialist 

Virtual Training ~ Pay What You Can Pricing


If there was ever a time to learn how to “control” or channel the mind it is NOW!


Our families, communities and world will need us to take stay centred now, and after this pandemic is over, we will need skills to create the life and world we want. 


Because of this, I feel compelled to share my 20-years of meditation, mind training and neuroscience teachings.


I’ve created a Certification Program for ANYONE, yes anyone, who wants to learn to focus their mind AND get certified as a meditation specialist.


Spend your time doing something TRULY productive!!


We set up tiered pricing to ensure even those with limited income could join in. 


You can select the payment option that works for you.


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Good Spirits Book Club

Social Distancing Made Fun + Inviting



This is a personal invite to get in on the Good Spirits Book Club with moi and other amazing men and woman…


During social distancing, we can still read, enrich our minds and hearts and come together in a virtual BOOK CLUB. 

We will read inspired spirituality, new thought and mind mastery books AND talk about WINE too! 

Yes, books and wine. You won’t miss going out so much…maybe…

Add your name to the booknerd list and I’ll send you a separate sweet invite…details coming April 1, 2020.

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Gotta books suggestion? Just hit reply and let me know.

Again, get on the list for the invite and share with a friend too.

Mythic Stories – Have You Watched This?


I’m sharing 13 stories to INSPIRE you…


All from my bag of tricks in Shakti Tantra, First Nations traditions and Universal Laws.


My recent story was how to Reignite the Dream (even amongst chaos) and the teachings of Saraswati.


Check it out now

Top books, movies and podcasts to stay sane

A quick blog to help make your lockdown more easeful and share some books, movies and podcasts that I love…that you might love too.


Sending you a TON of grace, good reads, good movies and good lovin’ during this time. We will get through it…It is important to try to keep your mental health and mood as steady and high as possible. For me, I am creating a ton of content to help me, my community and my friends stay there.


If you haven’t checked out my free 13-Days of Mythological Stories from the Divine Feminine Shakti Tantra and First Nations teachings on YouTube (or my personal Facebook) WATCH NOW 


 And now for a few recommendations on how to make this time of isolation a little more bearable….


Top Three Inspiring Movies “To Create Your Own Reality”

What the Bleep Do We Know
Finding Joe
Also… Heal


My Top Three “Feel Good” Movies
Yes Man
Moonrise Kingdom
Meet the Fockers 

Top Three Novels I Read This Year
✔ The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern
✔ A Well Behaved Woman by Therese Anne Fowler

✔ The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman


Top 3 Books to Read on Creating Your Reality
✔ The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

✔ The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


Top 3 Books on Sexuality
✔ She Comes First by Ian Kerner
✔ Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel
Top 3 Podcasts to Check Out
✔ The Successful Mind with David Neagle
✔ Invisibilia from NPR
✔ Hidden Brain– NPR
✔ My husband and I also host a podcast on relationships, intimacy and sexuality – Sexellence Podcast


What would you add to this list? COMMENT and let me know. 


Wishing you wellness of mind, body and spirit right now.

Be a Lady They Said

Have you watched the viral video from Be A Lady They Said?


I cried the first time I watched it.


I could feel all the confusion, anguish, and desire we have as women …my own rage and longing bubbling. 


the anguish of WANTING to be, do and have on my terms, and the fear that it’s inappropriate, or greedy or bitchy, or worse, that I’m not a “good girl” because I want more – more money, more success, more sex, more voice, more choice, and even more purses. 


the rage that I ever FOOLED myself into thinking I have to be skinny, smart but not too smart, seen but not too ostentatious, fuckable but not wanting to fuck, generous but not wealthy, and confident but nice and agreeable in order to be lovable.


…the desire to just KNOW who I am as a woman, and not feel I must constantly hold back, measure up or play down or agonize if I have the right shade of lipstick on today.


…the longing to TRUST myself more – my own voice, my own power, my own beauty and even my own anger.


Yet, anger alone will not create what we desire. 


Anger can be a great motivator to get off your ass, but the deeper work must take place. 


What’s the deeper work?


  • To embrace, and LOVE ourselves even our Dark Side.


  • To take responsibility for our own rage, insecurity and meanness. 


  • To connect with other women and men who want to the same.


  • To get serious and take action on our work and vision and quit allowing Mom Guilt, distraction or procrastination stop us. 


  • To risk being unliked, criticized or conversely to be radically loved and a big success. 


As such, I am dedicated to speaking, writing, creating and supporting this in any small way, and I recorded a 30-minute audio on The 5 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make as a gift…and a way to take action myself.


Click here to get the 5 Mistake Even Smart Women Make now…



Have You Been “Figuring It Out”?  I Have Been!! 


I’ve been on a journey in the last couple years in this aspect of my life and business – trying to figure out my place and how I can be of service.


I apologize if I ever seemed confusing…it’s been an “interesting” unfolding. 


NOW, I feel that it’s here, with women like you, that I can be a cheerleader, supporter, and sacred mirror – and intend to take a stronger stance for female expression and unapologetic success in this community. 


So, thank you for being here. If you are up for more ways women can rock it out in business, career and life, then stay tuned! 


If you like quippy insight, information and inspiration, my Instagram is full of it. I’d love to connect on IG at @shasta.townsend.



And, Great Sex too! 


I am also passionate about amazing relationships…so in the Sexellence Podcast community, the powerful, humour and real conversation about sex, intimacy and relationship continues. 


If you want to get in on the conversation around intimacy, great sex and better relationships, please check out my podcast co-hosted with my husband, Ian Lavalley, Sexellence.  Go to and follow us on Instagram at @sexellencepodcast



Again, thank you for being here, and for your own inner longer, voice and desire.  Be a lady, don’t be a lady – you decide! 


Much love,


what 500 olives have to do with you (Deadly combo)

I shouldn’t have opened the jar.


On a vacation to Spain, we stayed in a small town that has the usual Moorish charm and old-world Instagram worthiness that I love to romanticize.


I do love an authentic experience and images that make my frenemies drool over, but this town had no restaurants open!


We were also there during Santa Semana – Easter week – which Spaniards take seriously, meaning almost everyone was at Mass.


But not my husband, Ian and I. We were the starving Pagans in town.


Fortunately, I had a jar of 500 olives that I was saving to take home with me, and I thought “I will just have one or two to stave of hunger.”


Goddam, they’re good! 


Hello, olives from a country that knows olives.  I ended up eating almost the entire jar. In one sitting. 


Nearly 500 olives.


How do you say bad idea in Spanish?


But they were addictive.




Do you want to be this lethally addictive to the people you serve? 


So much that clients, students and customers keep coming back for more and more?


You have the ability to be the Spanish olives of your industry, through your marketing…(that might be a weird metaphor, but stay with me)…


I present to the you the deadly combo in The Magnetic Success Mastermind – clear money mindsets, business operations with ease and marketing that is addictive to your ideal clients AND in turn money and a feeling of achievement for you.



Look what past students said about working with me:



50% Increase + Less Stress 

Working with Shasta as a mentor has transformed all facets of my life.  She helped me get clear and think bigger.  With her knowledge and tools, I saw a 50% increase in my chiropractic practice in less than a year. I also have less stress and worry which has allowed me to be more present to my son and husband.  She helped me tap into my power and discover more possibilities for growth and expansion professionally and personally.  – Dr. Sarah Baxter. Chiropractor 



Get in on The Magnetic Success Mastermind and be the dangerous-if-opened olive jar in your industry.


Let’s have a glass of vino and a virtual chat to see if this is the right next step for you. Book that now 


In Service and Love,




P.S. Book you Make 2020 SENSATIONAL conversation with me to find out what you really want, what you need to learn and what you need to let go of. 


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don’t tell the Kondo

Happy Friday 13th


I did something super freaky recently and cleared out my closets – not for the usual reasons though…


This is an actual photo of all the stuff.

If you look closely you will see there aren’t even sheets on the bed because I got rid of those too.


I was relentlessly chucking stuff out and into a super-sized contractor sized garage bag. 


Only I was NOT doing it to declutter.


Don’t tell Marie Kondo. 


I was doing it to UPLEVEL.


Everything in our environment is either adding to our feeling of success or taking away from it. 


I looked at my worn-out tee shirts and 10-year-old Lululemons and feeling less than Queenly. 


So out they went. 


I pulled a Mommy Dearest and even chucked out the hangars the clothes were on.


If you look around your world and see that the clothes, bedsheets and even relationships are not adding to your feeling of beauty, success and even Divinity, then they gotta go.


What needs to go you in your life??


Reply and tell me. 

I would love to know…


If you also know you want to be around people who are on a path of success, growth and UPLEVELLING 

then 3-month The Magnetic Success Mastermind, 

with yours truly, is for you too.


My husband Ian, and I are leading a small group of people in the how to’s of money mindsets, magnetic marketing and business operations that feel like an ocean breeze. 


It’s three months of getting things DONE, and we start in January 2020 so it is PERFECT timing with this new year. 


And, it is ONLY with people who want to UPLEVEL everything in their life.


We won’t make you send photos of your closets, but you will be held accountable to get shit done.


Find out if this is for you. Let’s have a Make 2020 Your Bitch convo. 


Book that now 


In service + love (and less worn-out clothes!)




P.S. Book you Make 2020 Your SENSATIONAL conversation with me to find out what you really want, what you need to learn and what you need to let go of. 


Book that now 


Here’s the actual super-size garbage bag of donated clothes and sheets. Send me a picture of yours!