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Should I Leave My Marriage? – The BEST Relationship Advice I Received {Video – 3 Min Share}

This raw, unscripted and uncensored and may just give you the breakthrough you are seeking.

When our marriage was pretty much on the rocks and I was complaining to a business mentor about my husband, this mentor gave me THE BEST relationship advice ever!

I had literally NEVER considered this before, and it made a TON of difference in my life and my marriage. 

Watch the quick video here to learn the best relationship advice ever…And Ian shares what he was thinking at the same too!

What’s the best relationship advice you ever received??

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Much love,

Shasta Townsend + Ian Lavalley, Income + Intimacy Success Mentors

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{At Last!} A Proven “INTIMACY” Blueprint that Takes the Guess Work + Frustration Out of Relationship and Creates Rock Solid Connection, NO Matter WHAT.

My resolution in 2019 is to be way more spontaneous, have more fun – in my businesses and in the bedroom and out – to just generally say YES to the juiciness of life.

How about you?

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  • The Secret to Take Back the Reigns in Your Relationshipand finally feel centred and “in control” of yourself so you can have the intimacy, understanding and rock solid relationship of your dreams.


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Much love,




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Your (Daily) Power Tool to Reclaim Your Goddess Nature

Picture5Reconnecting to our Goddess Nature is a must so we have the energy and power to create what we truly desire as women.

Many women ask me HOW to connect to their Divine Feminine Essence and to keep their mind clear, heart open and energy high on a day-to-day basis.

It’s of course of little wonder that we feel disconnected from our bodies, our Divine Feminine and our Essence in a world that is focused on the external world of achieving, accomplishments and doing.

Yet, a Goddess knows that in order to create with ease she must be in her center.

When we are stressed, angry or frustrated we are not only NOT in our center, but hopelessness, overwhelm and depletion can falsely lead us to believe we have no options and no power!

Calming the mind and the nervous system is a must for every woman if she wishes to access her innate power of easeful manifestation and Goddess-like creation.

That’s why I have created a recording to help you dear woman, to get back in your body and reclaim your power.

This guided meditation offerings gives you instantaneous release from stress, worry and shastasivasanaoverthinking.

You will come to a place of deep calm, pure possibility and blissful relaxation.

It also a means to keep the frequency of your energetic and physical body high so you are attracting MORE of what you really want, and less of the noise, aggravation and dis-ease.

Stopping the Addiction to Busy – Freeing the Mind and Calming the Body will allow you to restore your life to balance and get back to your Goddess Nature quickly. I am so pleased to offer it to my beautiful community and to be of service to women who are ready to experience more ease, joy and true Feminine Power.

And right now it’s only $9.97 USD.

What are you waiting for?

If you are seeking a true remedy to overwhelm and exhaustion then this if for you…


P.S.  There are three tracks on this recording so you can listen to the entire practice (about 55 minutes) or choose individual practices that suit your needs.


Meditation Sample
Stopping the Addiction to Busy – Freeing the Mind & Calming the Body Meditations

My Husband Is Freaking Out About Money ~ How to Manage His Money Mojo So It Doesn’t Affect Yours

Girl kisses boy on the cheek on the background of money.“Is my husband’s money fears or freak outs about money causing me to make less or affecting my money?”

I receive this question almost weekly from my clients.

So my answer to the question is: “Only if you let it.”

Stay with me…

Yup, his money story will affect you only if you allow it to affect you.

If you are triggered, charged, annoyed or angry for his money mojo then it's affecting you.

You are SO powerful that you create your reality even when you share that reality with another. So what reality do you truly DESIRE?

SOOOOOO….If you are super clear and intentional about money and you have a vibration of ease, abundance and flow, well that my friend, is the HIGHEST energy and it literally over-rides fear, doubt and freak outs even from the man you share a bed with.

The thing is it is easier said than done when money is so super charged in our society.

As I wrote in For Better or Worse, Hopefully Better, “Our relationship to men and money requires real mastery. It also requires that we heal our own money gremlins as money issues are one of the top reasons couples divorce and usually the number one thing couples argue over.” Read the full article. 

Being in partnership means we take a lot of cues from each other so it can feel challenging when your lover is not at the same money “story” as you, or he triggers your own.

It can also be super annoying to have to babysit his gremlins too.

Or it can feel like he is just darn right unsupportive when you want to take your career, income or investments to the next level and he fears the sky is falling.

So, here's how to remain steadfast even with the money meltdowns from hubby:

lakshmi-puja1. Know Your Power

Here’s the thing that is absolutely true for you – YOU create your reality, and only YOU. No one can affect your attraction point, your thoughts and feeling and your manifestations unless you allow them to.

If your husband’s issues around money don’t resonate with you that is they aren’t getting in then it won’t affect you. It will just be white noise that you barely hear. It’s that simple.

If, however, you allow his money fears to activate your own fears or insecurities then they will affect your reality. And they could be a great mirror for your own healing and empowerment.

I hear you saying, “But Shasta, I am married to him. We share resources. If he has money concerns then I have to have money concerns. I am also really close to this person so of course I am affected by him.”

And again, I say that your choice to hear, believe, accept and feel his money stories is a CHOICE and that only you have the power to influence YOU.

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background, The love of money

 2. Get Clear

His money stories could be calling you to become even more CLEAR on what you do want, even more POWERFUL in learning and practicing the Laws of the Universe and even more ROOTED in what you know to be true.

For example recently one of my clients and her husband were considering purchasing a vacation property which meant a second mortgage. For her, she saw it as a fun way to circulate money and be in the flow as well as call in some additional abundance to make this happen with ease. It felt exciting and like a fun chance to practice manifestation for her.

For her husband, it felt a little scary and his money stuff was triggered. She chose to remain on the “magic carpet”.

magic.carpet3. Remain On the “Magic Carpet”, No Matter What

With this same client, her husband actually became annoyed that she was not triggered so he amped up the story for a while. I coached her to allow him to have his experience and approach it with curiosity and compassion BUT remain firmly grounded in her knowing that this was going to work out.

No matter how he tried to get her to “face reality”, she stayed firmly rooted in her vision for what could be and what was really already here (and coming) in terms of their abundance. She refused to allow the gremlins to get her, but she did not become annoyed by his fear either.

She knew this purchase was NOT a financial strain, but rather just new for him which meant it was uncomfortable for her husband who liked things to stay the same. She just observed this with love.

She did a fantastic job of being a model of compassion, clear vision and easeful abundance for him.

They purchased the property with ease and are enjoying life even more fully together.

The Laws of Creation require us to stay open to the possibility, to BE abundance and of course to be discerning but we have to ALLOW the wellbeing and prosperity of the universe to flow to us, and we can’t receive abundance when we are in fear or worry.

When we KNOW what we know, no one can sway us from this place.

We can allow our partner his money stuff and approach it with understanding and compassion.

If we remain rooted in our own attraction power, magical creations manifest for our self and our lover.

We will also help him heal simply by how we BE, and that is some real goddess power at work in the world.

To paraphrase Abraham Hicks, “One person connected to the stream of possibility, abundance and joy is far more powerful than millions who are not.”

You are an ocean of abundance, dear goddess!

Share your insights, ahas, and break-throughs on The Rich Relationship Secrets Facebook Group.

Big love,


ABOUT SHASTA: Best-selling author, award winning teacher and down-to-earth Canadian girl, Shasta Townsend is your “marriage mechanic” who helps you manifest your relationship dream by teaching you how to apply Universal Laws to create a rich and satisfying relationship, no matter what AND the practical day-to-day tools that can change everything! Shasta is one of the first teachers to combine the teachings of Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Psychology and good old common sense in the area of marriage, love and intimacy. Her many student’s success speak to the power of her work, and her own story is one of amazing “miracles”. She is here as the helping hand you've been seeking.

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Your Relationship Renaissance – Work Privately with Me this Summer

Beautiful Goddess,

I wish to share an extraordinary offering that I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you.

IMG_7529If you have been in my world for a while then you know that I am a deeply spiritual person. (This photo is of me in Whistler, BC with the famous Yoga photographer Robert Sturman.)

You may also know that I am deeply honored to be a part of so many women’s (and men’s) personal expansion and empowerment journey as a teacher, an author and a relationship coach.

For almost two decades I have had the pleasure of helping women and men connect to their Divine self, loving heart and fearless power, and truly transform themselves and their lives.

But, I have watched an interesting effect occur in my students and myself…as we become more conscious, when we walk a spiritual or mystical path, we begin to yearn for (demand) that same transformation, passion and connection in all areas of our lives.

As spiritual women, we no longer are willing to settle in any areas area of our lives, including in our intimate relationship. This can actually cause some tension and frustration and bring up some deep questions….

Many Spiritual Women Ask Me: 

  • How can I bring my Goddess Nature/spiritual self to my relationship? I’m not holding back anymore!
  • Does he even get me? Is he even the one? Is there a “more” spiritual guy out there?
  • How can I open my heart to my man in a way that invites him to open up to himself and our relationship even more deeply?
  • How can I create the next level of powerful partnership with my lover?

I was asking myself these questions just a few years ago.

My husband and I felt like we were the North and South poles – literally living different lives and worlds apart!

But we changed all that! We now have a deeply connected friendship, a passionate intimate life and a powerful partnership.

What is amazing is that we used the same tools of Yoga, spirituality and metaphysics that I so loved, to heal our rift and create a truly soulful relationship!

I listened to the call of the Goddess to truly embody Her nature of love, power and compassion and found my husband responded in a BIG, beautiful way.

My own experience of near-divorce to delicious prompted me to really give a voice and actively participate in leading a new paradigm in the area of sacred relationship.

I created a truly transformative program called The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint and it has been an honor and a joy to witness conscious women create the sacred relationship and soul fulfilling partnership they longed for, but never thought possible!

I would NOT being serving my community if I did not let you know that this program is now available to those who are ready to create a truly soulful relationship or even improve a pretty good one.

I am accepting five transformation-focused women to work privately with me this summer in The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint.

The Rich & Satisfying Relationship Blueprint

If you are ready to create a true renaissance in your relationship, then this is your opportunity!!

Learn more, watch the video and read the success stories NOW.

If This IS For You, There’s a Special Offering From Me…

If this feels like an area you would love to receive more support in then I invite you to consider a special opportunity with me.

If you want to learn more about creating heart-focused, truly inspired relationships and a soulful marriage then join me in a complimentary 30-minute Relationship Breakthrough Session.

This session will support YOU in creating a truly soul-full relationship in 2016. And because I’m so passionate about it, I’ve decided to offer 8 of these sessions to women who qualify…at NO COST. It is a $497 USD value.

What We Cover in Your Relationship Breakthrough Session:

  • Together we’ll look at where you are feeling blocked, disconnected, frustrated, angry or misunderstood and discover WHY this is happening.
  • We’ll create a VISION for what you truly want in your life and marriage. (Most women have never considered this so are creating their marriage by “default”).
  • I’ll give you a specific tool that you can start using right away to create the rich and satisfying relationship of your dreams.
  • You’ll leave the session energized and inspired to create your own rich relationship no matter what has occurred between you and your spouse.
  • Together we’ll find out if we’re a good match to work together and of this program is right for you, and if you are one of the 5 women called to work with me this summer.

This Opportunity is For You, If…

  • This opportunity is right for you if you’re actively looking for support.
  • This opportunity is right for you if you want to connection, increase passion and improve understanding and communication (and accountability so you move through fear, blocks, and worry quickly and take action to create the marriage you desire.)
  • It’s right for you if you’re truly committed to creating a rich and satisfying relationship within the next 3 months.

If that’s you, I invite you to apply for a session. All sessions are confidential and held in the space of love and non-judgment.

Claim My Relationship Breakthrough Session…

 To apply, please complete the application here APPLY NOW FOR RELATIONSHIP BREAKTHROUGH SESSION.

You will find even the application is transformative!

That’s it!

If you’re accepted, my client care lead will reach out to you to book your session.

DSC_1430One last thing, goddess…if you got excited reading this or you’re feeling that gentle nudge from your inner wisdom that this might be right for you, I urge you NOT to wait. Apply now.

Don’t put off your soulful relationship another month, year or lifetime!!

If this opportunity is calling to you and you know you are ready…I can’t wait to connect with you!

Big Love,


 ABOUT SHASTA: Best-selling author, award winning teacher and down-to-earth Canadian girl, Shasta Townsend is your “marriage mechanic” who helps you manifest your relationship dream by teaching you how to apply Universal Laws to create a rich and satisfying relationship, no matter what AND the practical day-to-day tools that can change everything! Shasta is one of the first teachers to combine the teachings of Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Psychology and good old common sense in the area of marriage, love and intimacy. Her many student’s success speak to the power of her work, and her own story is one of amazing “miracles”. She is here as the helping hand you've been seeking.

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