“I've always suspected that I was missing a crucial piece of the puzzle while trying to heal my sexuality after sexual abuse; Shasta's book helped me discover what that is. I have new hope that I can have the pleasurable life that we all deserve.”~ Angela Stoner, Co-Host of Vagina Chronicles Podcast

“Bravo! This book deserves to be in every woman’s hands. This is one the of most powerful and honest books on female sexuality, ever.” – Sandie Sedgbeer, author of Sexual Power, How to Use It to Get Everything You Want radio show host, and founder of Creative Media.

“A daring, honest, brilliant read that should be on every woman's night table. Permanently. Shasta Townsend deconstructs sex taboos with deep insight, honesty and humour.
Sabrina Ramnanan, author of Nothing Like Love.


A beautifully written manual that I wish all young women and adult women were given if their mama's didn't tell them about the birds and the bees. Loving, clear, supportive. Thanks Shasta! – Heather Ash Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training.

“If you're struggling with embracing sex and your sexuality in a healthy and positive way – then this book is for you! This book helps shed the shame so many of us have within us surrounding sex.” – Nicolle Masters, (Toni) Co-Host of Vagina Chronicles Podcast

Reader Success Stories and Reviews

I just read Happy, Sexy, Shameless in one sitting! Thank you Shasta Townsend for your words of wisdom. This encouragement was just what I needed. Happy sexy shameless is my new mantra. – A.M

Happy, Sexy, Shameless is a treasure hunt. I could not put it down. It is well written, engaging and a thrill from start to end. I wish I had grandchildren to pass it onto!” – C.M.

“I was always considered a “bad girl.” With that label, I carried around feelings of shame and unworthiness and attracted relationships that confirmed those beliefs. After reading Happy, Sexy, Shameless I’m starting to re-think the standards of “bad girl” vs “good girl” and realize that no matter what label I'm branded with, it doesn't define who I am. I’m me, and I'm worthy of love and respect. Thank you Shasta for exploring and bringing to light this important issue.” – K.L.

In Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother's Didn't Know About the Birds and the Bees, Shasta Townsend goes beyond conventional thinking and offers women new ways to explore and define female sexual identity. Townsend brings the reader along for the ride as she shares her own and other women’s’ sexual experiences through all stages of life. The complex and emotionally charged topic of women’s sexuality is handled with insight, wisdom, humour and clarity. It’s an important work that will resonate with readers. Townsend’s style is clear and accessible, and gives women a practical resource to guide them on their own personal journey. This illuminating book is appropriate for women of all ages, and men too for that matter. It is thought-provoking and sometimes challenging, but ultimately empowering and affirming. Put Happy, Sexy, Shameless on your must-read list! -N.A.

“This work is so needed for both men and women. It was not overwhelming or judgemental but kind, compassionate and empowering. I felt like I was having a conversation with the author. Although the subject matter is female sexuality, I felt like I could apply this to many aspects of the being a women and life in general. I have been blessed to be in a wonderful relationship with my husband and this book not only affirmed that but gave me tools to make our relationship grow as our life changes. Thank you Shasta for your courage to empower females (and males) in their sexuality and life.” – Sarah

Happy, Sexy, Shameless is really making me ask some important questions on how I view myself and my intimate life. Ever since having a baby I felt some shame around wanting to be sexy. Society makes me feel like I need to change. This book is helping me realize that I don't need to change. It has really given me a new sense of empowerment.” – Candace.

“I found myself reading and nodding, smiling and most often, wishing that someone had given me this book to read when I was a teenager trying to make some sense of it all because of course, my mother did not talk about the birds and the bees! Please, take the time to read Shasta’s book for your own sake and then pass it on to all the young people in your life! It WILL make a difference in your life, in their lives and in all our connections to one another. -ALG.

“You are so amazing. I just loved the book! At first I actually started to feel a bit resistant to it as I realized I had never felt that level of acceptance before. Thank you for writing it. It was such an important message for me. I am a recovering sex addict and since my recovery started I have had a constant battle with forgiving my behavior, and accepting that I still want to be sexual. Sex hasn't exactly become “bad” for me, but I do resist instinct and urges often. You're book reopened the conversation for me. This is a huge step for me.” -Amanda

I'm a man and I couldn’t put it down! This is a must read for all. It takes years to learn what Shasta presents through personal experience, research, human interest story, opinion and humour. It reminds me that sex better be better for your partner or it will not be happening again! Have your significant other read it too ladies and start talking.” – G.R.

I am only in the middle of you book Happy, Sexy and Shameless and I have to say that I am loving every bit! It's amazing how by answering the Self Enquiry Questions I can reflect upon myself and the evolution of my healing process… I am happy to see that we are all on the same quest for more authenticity and freedom!!- A.M.

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Belief Net – February 20, 2015
“Most of us are at a loss when it comes to expressing how we feel about one of the most Divine experiences human beings can have. We are given mixed messages from parent figures, from the media, from religion. Not much is positive”…Read more: Belief Net Review by Edie Weinstein


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