changing reality, fast, in any relationship

“I need to know one simple way I can create better connection with my wife, fast.”


A perfect question during a recent media interview. 


Whether you are in partnership or not, this brief article will help you create an amazing reality in ANY relationship so read on…


Listen, we all want to know how to create new results quickly – to change reality and get what we really want, especially in our relationships I believe.


This, however, requires a shift in how we think, feel and act – not just another communication technique.


One of the fastest ways to re-pattern your brain and create lasting results in relationships is to LOOK FOR THE GOOD.




This is the answer I gave the podcast host who asked how to create connection, fast.


“Look for the good.


“Look for something to get turned on about.


“Be someone who can ‘turn on’ your partner.”


It is easy to look for reasons to complain and criticize another in any relationship, particularly our intimate relationship. It’s a disease of dysfunction in our culture – all the complaining…


To make it worse, we get comfortable in intimate relationship and that comfort can lead to complacency and even meanness. People often reserve the bitchiest, snappiest comments for their spouse. 


But, if you want to create rich relationships you will remember in any moment things can be as good as you want them to be or as bad.


What will you choose?


Will you look for the good? 


For me, I look at my husband and business partner, Ian, and see all the physical things I love about him – his eyes, his wide shoulders, his wonderful style.


I also see all the mental, emotional and spiritual things I love about him too – he is one of the smartest people I know (and smarts turns me on), he always has a unique view that I miss, he is generous and brings out the best in people. He is also extremely dedicated and loving, and taught me to be better at both.


Does he annoy me at times?


You betcha.  I annoy him too. 


We rub each other the wrong way at times. But, if we nurtured those annoyances, we would destroy this relationship pretty fast.


Instead, we seek to find the good in each other.


We also take personal responsibility to make it easy for the other person to find the good too.


We take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually so we show up well for ourselves and the one we love.


As we move into 2020 can you decide to make it a habit to look for the good – in the one you love, and everyone?


Can you commit to making it easy for others to see the good in you?


By the way this does NOT mean ignoring things in yourself or your relationship that need to be addressed or changed. Get the help to do so. Stop ignoring things, but stop just complaining about them too. 


Take action.


In fact, this re-patterning will actually help you see opportunities, new realities and maybe even what you really want because your mind will be more open thanks to gratitude. 


If you want to get help to truly learn to master your results, reach out.


I offer support for those who want to have “unconventional” results in business and love.


I can help you learn to master your results and SKYROCKET in every area.


Click the box below, and complete the quick questionnaire and book a time to have a no-pressure, heart-to-heart about taking the steps to create what you really want in love and life. 



You don’t have to do this alone!


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what 500 olives have to do with you (Deadly combo)

I shouldn’t have opened the jar.


On a vacation to Spain, we stayed in a small town that has the usual Moorish charm and old-world Instagram worthiness that I love to romanticize.


I do love an authentic experience and images that make my frenemies drool over, but this town had no restaurants open!


We were also there during Santa Semana – Easter week – which Spaniards take seriously, meaning almost everyone was at Mass.


But not my husband, Ian and I. We were the starving Pagans in town.


Fortunately, I had a jar of 500 olives that I was saving to take home with me, and I thought “I will just have one or two to stave of hunger.”


Goddam, they’re good! 


Hello, olives from a country that knows olives.  I ended up eating almost the entire jar. In one sitting. 


Nearly 500 olives.


How do you say bad idea in Spanish?


But they were addictive.




Do you want to be this lethally addictive to the people you serve? 


So much that clients, students and customers keep coming back for more and more?


You have the ability to be the Spanish olives of your industry, through your marketing…(that might be a weird metaphor, but stay with me)…


I present to the you the deadly combo in The Magnetic Success Mastermind – clear money mindsets, business operations with ease and marketing that is addictive to your ideal clients AND in turn money and a feeling of achievement for you.



Look what past students said about working with me:



50% Increase + Less Stress 

Working with Shasta as a mentor has transformed all facets of my life.  She helped me get clear and think bigger.  With her knowledge and tools, I saw a 50% increase in my chiropractic practice in less than a year. I also have less stress and worry which has allowed me to be more present to my son and husband.  She helped me tap into my power and discover more possibilities for growth and expansion professionally and personally.  – Dr. Sarah Baxter. Chiropractor 



Get in on The Magnetic Success Mastermind and be the dangerous-if-opened olive jar in your industry.


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In Service and Love,




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don’t tell the Kondo

Happy Friday 13th


I did something super freaky recently and cleared out my closets – not for the usual reasons though…


This is an actual photo of all the stuff.

If you look closely you will see there aren’t even sheets on the bed because I got rid of those too.


I was relentlessly chucking stuff out and into a super-sized contractor sized garage bag. 


Only I was NOT doing it to declutter.


Don’t tell Marie Kondo. 


I was doing it to UPLEVEL.


Everything in our environment is either adding to our feeling of success or taking away from it. 


I looked at my worn-out tee shirts and 10-year-old Lululemons and feeling less than Queenly. 


So out they went. 


I pulled a Mommy Dearest and even chucked out the hangars the clothes were on.


If you look around your world and see that the clothes, bedsheets and even relationships are not adding to your feeling of beauty, success and even Divinity, then they gotta go.


What needs to go you in your life??


Reply and tell me. 

I would love to know…


If you also know you want to be around people who are on a path of success, growth and UPLEVELLING 

then 3-month The Magnetic Success Mastermind, 

with yours truly, is for you too.


My husband Ian, and I are leading a small group of people in the how to’s of money mindsets, magnetic marketing and business operations that feel like an ocean breeze. 


It’s three months of getting things DONE, and we start in January 2020 so it is PERFECT timing with this new year. 


And, it is ONLY with people who want to UPLEVEL everything in their life.


We won’t make you send photos of your closets, but you will be held accountable to get shit done.


Find out if this is for you. Let’s have a Make 2020 Your Bitch convo. 


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In service + love (and less worn-out clothes!)




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Here’s the actual super-size garbage bag of donated clothes and sheets. Send me a picture of yours! 








this is for the lazy ones

Oh, I laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Why?

I’ve helped a lot of teachers, coaches and wellness professionals with their business.


Life coaches, wellness coaches, joy coaches, high-performance coaches, yoga/fitness coaches, abundance coaches, gluten-free coaches, empowerment coaches, vibrational alignment coaches.


Whatever the title you give yourself as a service provider, I’ve probably helped someone like you.


Can I tell you how many of those have asked me to barter?


In return for my services, they will help me do the following hilarious things:

  • Take more breaks
  • Learn the art of self-care
  • Attune my energy field
  • Put myself first, for once
  • Create that “something bigger than myself” that I’m craving in my life.

Um, have we met?


I am always grateful that someone wants to help. 


But, the truth is I am willing to PAY for all of those results. 


I value myself. My time. My life. 


What’s more you should too.


I never barter.


Bartering sends a message to the Universe that you aren’t willing to VALUE yourself.


Money is a symbol of exchange. When we exchange it we catalyze even more of it to come our way.

I see a lot of coaches and female entrepreneurs either bartering or (gasp) doing things for free.


This is NOT the way to build a business and it is not the way to build your self-worth, which is what you also need to build a rocking business. 


When you INVEST money, time and energy in your business you are saying to the Universe that you are worth it, your business is worthy it and that you are one of the SMART ones.




Yes, smart entrepreneurs are always seeking the right people to help them get the results they want and they are leveraging time. 


Time is a precious resource. 


X Time is the one resource you can’t get back. 

X Time is the one thing that you actually don’t have enough of.  

X Time is the one thing you can’t waste.  

Many of make the mistake of thinking:


“Next year”


“I have the time to “figure this out” on my own.


“I can mess around and just see what happens.”


The truth is that if you want more in your life then you have to take action and stop wasting time…I’m not saying don’t binge watch Vikings like I am apt to do on a Tuesday night…


I’m saying decide to VALUE yourself, your business and your time. 


Make an investment that will move things forward. Like NOW!


If you’re ready to have people drooling to work with you, be with you and buy from you then I’m opening up my calendar to help you.  


I have 20 spots in the next 2-weeks.  Get yours here.


2020 is the year where magnetic success could be sensational…in the most unimaginable way! J


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This is for you if you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time” or “I’ll get to that later” when it comes to a goal. (And, if you think you haven’t said that, you’re lying to yourself! Are you telling me you’ve followed through on all your goals to completion?)


In service + love,




P.S. – how have you not signed up for a free call? You do put things off, don’t you? I’ll help.

the sunk cost fallacy (my broke bootie story)

See these black boots?


They were THE best pair of boots I ever had.


Perfect for making me looking slightly taller and thinner, and yet with a heel that meant I could stand comfortably in TSA lines. 


I bought them in Spain as a memento when I found out I could not get a case of Rioja through Canada Customs.


But El Naturalista stopped making them.


And I have no travel booked for Madrid.


AND the zipper blew.  You can actually see that it’s broken on the right one.


I’ve checked to see if I could just get it replaced and it seems like it’s a MAJOR drama to find a cobbler these days.


I had to let them go, but it pained me to throw them away.


I had invested time, money and energy to find them – and I was that I’d never be able to replace them.


Side thought: Why is it women’s shoes are EITHER dowdy but feel good or sexy and tortuous? 


I know a lot of people who feel this way about their business and investments they made that did NOT PAY OFF.


Maybe you spent money to get coaching but you ended up knowing more than the so-called “expert”.


Maybe you spent months creating a website with perfect colors but no one goes to it let alone buys anything.


Maybe you sacrificed Thanksgiving dinner to chat with a buyer who was going to be your new bestie, only to find out they wanted your advice. FOR FREE.


Now you’re frustrated, resentful and maybe hungry.


You can’t seem to propel your business forward, and you can’t give up on past mistakes.


That’s the sunk fallacy cost. 


You’ve spent time and money on your business or training – and you can’t get it back.  


And, when you look at what you’ve invested, the harder it becomes to believe in yourself and invest again – so you don’t take any action or the right action. 


I hear this story all the time – and I’ve had it happen to me too.


I once paid a development team $10,000 to create a website. And they ran away with my money. I ended up suing them. It sucked. I was depressed, and felt like Joe Dirt (and that I should have known better). 


I let it get the better of me and then I decided that I needed to buck up and find the RIGHT help.


My rule of thumb is to always ensure the people you work with have PROVEN results and not just a glitzy website or sales pitch. 


Here’s how to know WHO to make an investment with in your business:


  1. They know the map and where you are on it – many entrepreneurs don’t have a clear vision for what they want – financially or in their business. A great mentor will always help you get clear on what that is both in terms of money and also who you want to serve/help, HOW you do that, and WHY people would buy from you. But, you also need to know where you are right now. Why you are where you are – maybe stuck? There’s a reason, and it’s always because of a belief or mindset. A great business mentor knows how to move play inner game and get outer results. 


  1. They be like a weed – I like to see growth every year in everything I do. Not from a pushy or hustle porn way, but from a knowing that just like the weeds in my garden, we are here to GROW and THRIVE. I only ever work with mentors or businesses who also have this mindset because I know they will cause me to keep moving forward and stay in an “upgrade” mindset and strategy.


  1. They’ve got substance and style – I have worked with a lot of clients who were told to build massive website or invest in mega branding when really they should have been getting clear on who they serve, how to serve them AKA make money and “owning” it, because the truth is that mentor was NOT MAKING ANY MONEY (other than taking their’s).  When you are considering working with a mentor or buying from someone check out their success stories and watch to see if that person DEMONSTRATES i.e. walks the talk or if they are just a pretty face. 


Feeling a little stuck and worn out like my boot’s zipper? 


Need help deciding if it’s time to upgrade your business?


If you’re ready to have people drooling to buy from you then I’m opening up my calendar to work with you.  


And for those of you who have been watching and listening to my podcasting, gracias! I will still be doing that and offering some DEE-lish intimacy acceleration retreats but I am first, spending time on my first love – helping people build their business in the early part of 2020!!!


I have 20 spots in the next 2-weeks.  Get yours here! 


2020 is the year where magnetic success could be your bitch. I mean that in the nicest way J


Yep, free 30-minute one-on-one calls. Grab yours here


This is for you if you’ve ever said, “I don’t have time” or “I’ll get to that later” when it comes to a goal. (And, if you think you haven’t said that, you’re lying to yourself! Are you telling me you’ve followed through on all your goals to completion?)


This is also for you if, like many of us, you’ve made some bad choices in the past, and I don’t just mean acid wash jean vests or high heel boots that you could not even walk in.


Forgive yourself, and book a call.


Much love,





Ps – how have you not signed up for a free call? You do put things off, don’t you? I’ll help.