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Be a Lady They Said

Have you watched the viral video from Be A Lady They Said?


I cried the first time I watched it.


I could feel all the confusion, anguish, and desire we have as women …my own rage and longing bubbling. 


the anguish of WANTING to be, do and have on my terms, and the fear that it’s inappropriate, or greedy or bitchy, or worse, that I’m not a “good girl” because I want more – more money, more success, more sex, more voice, more choice, and even more purses. 


the rage that I ever FOOLED myself into thinking I have to be skinny, smart but not too smart, seen but not too ostentatious, fuckable but not wanting to fuck, generous but not wealthy, and confident but nice and agreeable in order to be lovable.


…the desire to just KNOW who I am as a woman, and not feel I must constantly hold back, measure up or play down or agonize if I have the right shade of lipstick on today.


…the longing to TRUST myself more – my own voice, my own power, my own beauty and even my own anger.


Yet, anger alone will not create what we desire. 


Anger can be a great motivator to get off your ass, but the deeper work must take place. 


What’s the deeper work?


  • To embrace, and LOVE ourselves even our Dark Side.


  • To take responsibility for our own rage, insecurity and meanness. 


  • To connect with other women and men who want to the same.


  • To get serious and take action on our work and vision and quit allowing Mom Guilt, distraction or procrastination stop us. 


  • To risk being unliked, criticized or conversely to be radically loved and a big success. 


As such, I am dedicated to speaking, writing, creating and supporting this in any small way, and I recorded a 30-minute audio on The 5 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make as a gift…and a way to take action myself.


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Have You Been “Figuring It Out”?  I Have Been!! 


I’ve been on a journey in the last couple years in this aspect of my life and business – trying to figure out my place and how I can be of service.


I apologize if I ever seemed confusing…it’s been an “interesting” unfolding. 


NOW, I feel that it’s here, with women like you, that I can be a cheerleader, supporter, and sacred mirror – and intend to take a stronger stance for female expression and unapologetic success in this community. 


So, thank you for being here. If you are up for more ways women can rock it out in business, career and life, then stay tuned! 


If you like quippy insight, information and inspiration, my Instagram is full of it. I’d love to connect on IG at @shasta.townsend.



And, Great Sex too! 


I am also passionate about amazing relationships…so in the Sexellence Podcast community, the powerful, humour and real conversation about sex, intimacy and relationship continues. 


If you want to get in on the conversation around intimacy, great sex and better relationships, please check out my podcast co-hosted with my husband, Ian Lavalley, Sexellence.  Go to and follow us on Instagram at @sexellencepodcast



Again, thank you for being here, and for your own inner longer, voice and desire.  Be a lady, don’t be a lady – you decide! 


Much love,


Are you doing this creepy thing on FB? Marketing 101 Advice

I was creeped out! 


It was too much too soon.


The “here’s why I am so amazing and how I can help you so work with me NOW message that I’ve received not once but about 10x in the last 2 months through Facebook messenger.


If we’ve just become friends on Facebook, do not pitch me your services through direct message…not in the first 10-minutes and not in the first 10 hours.


It’s kinda creepy when I see your name pop up and I’ve just accepted your friend request. 


I don’t accept every friend request that comes my way. I do try to be discerning but if we’ve just met please don’t try to hump me.


Would you jump into bed with someone you just met in the produce aisle? 


Maybe, but if you’re asking me to hop into bed with you, unless you’re Javier Bardum, that’s not going to happen. 


I’m not saying don’t friend me.


I’m not saying don’t use Messenger to connect with people or even invite them to work with you.


I hate to sound critical since I do love a go-getter and those who ask for the sale, but there is a sophisticated way to do this. 


I’m just saying don’t be creepy. 


How to Use DMs Effectively:


  • Ensure you let “friends” warm to you. Don’t go in too fast or too hard. Don’t love bomb people (it feels inauthentic) and conversely don’t tell people you can “save” them (it’s patronizing and narcissistic).


  • Ensure you’re using it as a relationship tool. That is, invite people to have a conversation and not just hard sell. 


  • Ensure you’re talking about what’s in it for me and not just how amazing you might be.


  • Ensure you know who you’re talking to AKA do a little research. Please don’t pitch me parenting programs. I don’t have kids. Please don’t pitch me lesbian cruises. I’m in a monogamous relationship with a man and I hate boats. Please don’t pitch me life coaching when you haven’t figure out your own life.



I don’t usually write about effective marketing or sales techniques, but I’ve had so many ineffective and creepy DMs in the last 6 months I had to speak up. 


And I’ve also built 7-figure businesses through authentic relationship building and effective marketing so I hope to start sharing some of the wisdom for those who might benefit. 


Do you have an effective way you have used DM to connect with prospects and be in service? Please HIT reply and let me know. I’ve love to hear.


Authentic Marketing – Wanna Know? 


I’m also in the planning stages of an intensive on “relationship marketing” and how to effectively create authentic connection and utilize social media and other networks to build sales without being creepy.


Are you interested in learning deets about then when it’s launched?  


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Wishing you abundant success,



changing reality, fast, in any relationship

“I need to know one simple way I can create better connection with my wife, fast.”


A perfect question during a recent media interview. 


Whether you are in partnership or not, this brief article will help you create an amazing reality in ANY relationship so read on…


Listen, we all want to know how to create new results quickly – to change reality and get what we really want, especially in our relationships I believe.


This, however, requires a shift in how we think, feel and act – not just another communication technique.


One of the fastest ways to re-pattern your brain and create lasting results in relationships is to LOOK FOR THE GOOD.




This is the answer I gave the podcast host who asked how to create connection, fast.


“Look for the good.


“Look for something to get turned on about.


“Be someone who can ‘turn on’ your partner.”


It is easy to look for reasons to complain and criticize another in any relationship, particularly our intimate relationship. It’s a disease of dysfunction in our culture – all the complaining…


To make it worse, we get comfortable in intimate relationship and that comfort can lead to complacency and even meanness. People often reserve the bitchiest, snappiest comments for their spouse. 


But, if you want to create rich relationships you will remember in any moment things can be as good as you want them to be or as bad.


What will you choose?


Will you look for the good? 


For me, I look at my husband and business partner, Ian, and see all the physical things I love about him – his eyes, his wide shoulders, his wonderful style.


I also see all the mental, emotional and spiritual things I love about him too – he is one of the smartest people I know (and smarts turns me on), he always has a unique view that I miss, he is generous and brings out the best in people. He is also extremely dedicated and loving, and taught me to be better at both.


Does he annoy me at times?


You betcha.  I annoy him too. 


We rub each other the wrong way at times. But, if we nurtured those annoyances, we would destroy this relationship pretty fast.


Instead, we seek to find the good in each other.


We also take personal responsibility to make it easy for the other person to find the good too.


We take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually so we show up well for ourselves and the one we love.


As we move into 2020 can you decide to make it a habit to look for the good – in the one you love, and everyone?


Can you commit to making it easy for others to see the good in you?


By the way this does NOT mean ignoring things in yourself or your relationship that need to be addressed or changed. Get the help to do so. Stop ignoring things, but stop just complaining about them too. 


Take action.


In fact, this re-patterning will actually help you see opportunities, new realities and maybe even what you really want because your mind will be more open thanks to gratitude. 


If you want to get help to truly learn to master your results, reach out.


I offer support for those who want to have “unconventional” results in business and love.


I can help you learn to master your results and SKYROCKET in every area.


Click the box below, and complete the quick questionnaire and book a time to have a no-pressure, heart-to-heart about taking the steps to create what you really want in love and life. 



You don’t have to do this alone!


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what 500 olives have to do with you (Deadly combo)

I shouldn’t have opened the jar.


On a vacation to Spain, we stayed in a small town that has the usual Moorish charm and old-world Instagram worthiness that I love to romanticize.


I do love an authentic experience and images that make my frenemies drool over, but this town had no restaurants open!


We were also there during Santa Semana – Easter week – which Spaniards take seriously, meaning almost everyone was at Mass.


But not my husband, Ian and I. We were the starving Pagans in town.


Fortunately, I had a jar of 500 olives that I was saving to take home with me, and I thought “I will just have one or two to stave of hunger.”


Goddam, they’re good! 


Hello, olives from a country that knows olives.  I ended up eating almost the entire jar. In one sitting. 


Nearly 500 olives.


How do you say bad idea in Spanish?


But they were addictive.




Do you want to be this lethally addictive to the people you serve? 


So much that clients, students and customers keep coming back for more and more?


You have the ability to be the Spanish olives of your industry, through your marketing…(that might be a weird metaphor, but stay with me)…


I present to the you the deadly combo in The Magnetic Success Mastermind – clear money mindsets, business operations with ease and marketing that is addictive to your ideal clients AND in turn money and a feeling of achievement for you.



Look what past students said about working with me:



50% Increase + Less Stress 

Working with Shasta as a mentor has transformed all facets of my life.  She helped me get clear and think bigger.  With her knowledge and tools, I saw a 50% increase in my chiropractic practice in less than a year. I also have less stress and worry which has allowed me to be more present to my son and husband.  She helped me tap into my power and discover more possibilities for growth and expansion professionally and personally.  – Dr. Sarah Baxter. Chiropractor 



Get in on The Magnetic Success Mastermind and be the dangerous-if-opened olive jar in your industry.


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In Service and Love,




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