Are you doing this creepy thing on FB? Marketing 101 Advice

I was creeped out! 


It was too much too soon.


The “here’s why I am so amazing and how I can help you so work with me NOW message that I’ve received not once but about 10x in the last 2 months through Facebook messenger.


If we’ve just become friends on Facebook, do not pitch me your services through direct message…not in the first 10-minutes and not in the first 10 hours.


It’s kinda creepy when I see your name pop up and I’ve just accepted your friend request. 


I don’t accept every friend request that comes my way. I do try to be discerning but if we’ve just met please don’t try to hump me.


Would you jump into bed with someone you just met in the produce aisle? 


Maybe, but if you’re asking me to hop into bed with you, unless you’re Javier Bardum, that’s not going to happen. 


I’m not saying don’t friend me.


I’m not saying don’t use Messenger to connect with people or even invite them to work with you.


I hate to sound critical since I do love a go-getter and those who ask for the sale, but there is a sophisticated way to do this. 


I’m just saying don’t be creepy. 


How to Use DMs Effectively:


  • Ensure you let “friends” warm to you. Don’t go in too fast or too hard. Don’t love bomb people (it feels inauthentic) and conversely don’t tell people you can “save” them (it’s patronizing and narcissistic).


  • Ensure you’re using it as a relationship tool. That is, invite people to have a conversation and not just hard sell. 


  • Ensure you’re talking about what’s in it for me and not just how amazing you might be.


  • Ensure you know who you’re talking to AKA do a little research. Please don’t pitch me parenting programs. I don’t have kids. Please don’t pitch me lesbian cruises. I’m in a monogamous relationship with a man and I hate boats. Please don’t pitch me life coaching when you haven’t figure out your own life.



I don’t usually write about effective marketing or sales techniques, but I’ve had so many ineffective and creepy DMs in the last 6 months I had to speak up. 


And I’ve also built 7-figure businesses through authentic relationship building and effective marketing so I hope to start sharing some of the wisdom for those who might benefit. 


Do you have an effective way you have used DM to connect with prospects and be in service? Please HIT reply and let me know. I’ve love to hear.


Authentic Marketing – Wanna Know? 


I’m also in the planning stages of an intensive on “relationship marketing” and how to effectively create authentic connection and utilize social media and other networks to build sales without being creepy.


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