5 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make

A simple but powerful 30-minute audio training
to cut through the embarrassing, frustrating and often unknown things we do that sabotage our success as women.
And, how to cut it out!

Listen in your car, at your desk, on the treadmill…it’s an AUDIO…

  • It’s kinda like a mixed tape of female success practices. 
  • I made it for you because I want you to be a BIG WHOPPING success, and I’ve watched thousands of women UNKNOWINGLY make these 5 mistakes again and again. 
  • ​It’ll make so much sense that you’ll want to pass it around to your girlfriends and say “You gotta hear this!”
I’m Shasta Townsend – Corporate Escapee, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Success Mentor

I’ve had a high-flying corporate career, created multiple companies, written best-sellers, spoken world-wide and been blessed to help thousands of women unravel their personal recipe for internal and external success.

I use to be plagued by self-doubt, feel like a bitch and tried to “be nice”- but once learned to powerfully offer my gifts, authentically network and hold my value, everything changed…
  • My income TRIPLED - I went over 7-figures in less than 6-months when I’d been struggling at the same income level for 10-years! 
  • My self-doubt disappeared - I found the courage to write a book (that became an instant best-seller), I speak around the world, I have wonderful network of powerhouse women and I am no longer “playing small” or feeling I need to apologize for my voice. 
  • ​My marriage (and sex life) improved – Maybe, because I felt more self-assured, but my sex life drastically improved and my husband and I went from feeling like roommates to best friends (and lovers who woke the neighbors!)
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Dr. Sarah Baxter
Chiropractor + Wellness Advocate
Enjoying the Juiciness of Life
"Having Shasta as a teacher has been an amazing experience. She has helped me reclaim a lost piece of myself. I have developed tools to help me enjoy all the juiciness of life and discover my own worthiness. Most incredibly I know that I am powerful and Divine."
Erin Skitch
RMT + Wellness Entrepreneur
Exceeding My Income Goals & Really Living
"Before working with Shasta I was stressed, confused and on the brink of burn out. Now, I am crystal clear on my purpose, exceeding my income goals and I am REALLY LIVING."
Shawna Fujiki
One More Bead CEO 
Exceeding My Income Goals & Really Living
53% Increase in Sales!!!
"As a multi-business entrepreneur and busy mom, I was feeling scattered, unsure where to focus and if I could grow my business without sacrifice. Shasta provided me with mindset shifts and clarity that helped me release overwhelm and create a clear plan.

She helped me grow as a leader and I saw a 53% increase in income from this business within the first month!

I felt truly seen, heard and supported. Shasta’s unique blend of mindset training, knowledge of universal success laws and ability to draw from her own experience with owning multiple successful businesses, has created a super effective coaching style and I highly recommend her."

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