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Kirsty Laverty, Yoga Teacher

No Longer Stopping Myself!

I am clear on what I am here to do, and I am doing it!
I feel like I finally did the university degree I needed.
I listened to Shasta’s advice, and I am seeing the results – fast.
I overcame ways I stopped myself in the past,
and literally feel like a new person.

Erin, Erin Skitch Wellness

Exceeding My Income Goals + Really Living!

Before working with Shasta I was stressed, confused and on the brink of burn out. Now, I am crystal clear on my purpose, exceeding my income goals and I am REALLY LIVING.

Dr. Sarah Baxter, DC

From Struggling to Exponential Growth, FAST!

I went from struggling and striving to ease and growth in a matter of a weeks! I saw a 30% increase in income in the first month.

Shasta gave me the permission to want more, expect more, to experiment with my ideas and to trust and love myself. I am now equipped with tools to navigate and recognize how to get out of my own way. My business is now what I always dreamed of! Thank you for seeing my potential and helping me step out of fear and into my inspired life.

Shawna Fujiki, Health + Wellness Multi-Preneur

53% Increase + Tripled Sales in First Month!

As a multi-business entrepreneur and busy mom, I was feeling scattered, unsure where to focus and if I could grow my business without sacrifice. Shasta’s coaching provided me with mindset shifts and clarity that helped me release overwhelm and create a clear plan.

She helped me grow as a leader to my social marketing team and I saw a 53% increase in income from this business within the first month! I have also tripled my sales in my jewelry business and am not stopping there!

I felt truly seen, heard and supported while working with Shasta. Her unique blend of mindset training, knowledge of universal success laws and ability to draw from her own experience with owning multiple successful businesses, has created a super effective coaching style and I highly recommend her.

Michelle Winterburn, Michelle Winterburn Coaching

Practical Tools + Personal Confidence to Surpass Goals

After working with Shasta, I have the practical tools and personal confidence to make this my best year yet – including a solid strategic plan to expand, and surpass my income goals. I’m not just dreaming but am now achieving!

Meghan Pherrill, Balance By Meghan

Making a Living Doing What I Love!

Working with Shasta gave me the courage to chase my dreams, the confidence to execute strategic steps, and the faith to know my business will succeed. I’m making a living doing what I love!

Carly Smith, Strong Roots Yoga

Monumental Breakthrough + Business Growth

Working with Shasta has helped me become more confidence and break through life-long barriers.

She holds the space for growth and accountability which meant a 25% growth in revenue and it continues!

My business grows each time I dive in deeper with her. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants monumental breakthroughs in their business

Jennifer Sisson, Ajax, ON.

Made My Monthly Income in ONE DAY!

“The first month of business coaching with Shasta, I also happened to be heading on holidays to Europe for 3 weeks and I was stressing about “taking a hit” to my income during that time frame of being away. But with her coaching and support, several amazing things immediately happened… First off, I was able to finally realize my Soul Purpose, and how to even step into my calling on a bigger scale. In addition, Shasta gave me a specific focus & immediate steps on how I can support my clients on a deeper level and in turn how I can make more money right away doing so (I learned it does NOT have to be “hard”). That month even though I was away for most of it, I ended up making my average monthly business income in ONE SINGLE DAY.

Since then I have not only had more and more opportunities knocking at my door, but every month my income increases! I am on track now to triple my income within the next two months.

Jasmin Ma

Doubled My Income in One Month!

Before working with Shasta, I was not making any progress in my side job – teaching Yoga and had inconsistent income. Coaching with Shasta gave me confidence, clarity and the blueprint to promote my teaching with a mindset of service. I was able to double my yoga income within the first month! Shasta helped me make it natural and fulfilling. It wasn't that hard at all. And I had a profound mindset change – I have become an entrepreneur!

Kristy Flaxman

Left My Draining Job + Identified My Path Thanks to Coaching with Shasta

Before working with Shasta, I was confused and feeling very stuck. I was working a job that had me chained to a desk with zero fulfillment that was actually making me sick. Coaching with Shasta gave me confidence, direction and drive to move toward living in my purpose. I was able to step away from that draining job and into creating a career that I am excited and passionate to get up every morning and work towards. By making these incredible shifts that Shasta helped me to identify, I have moved onto a clearer path. It feels so incredible and energizing to be making these changes. Shasta’s coaching and guidance has been irreplaceable and I am very grateful for her insight and light in my life.

Dr. Sarah Baxter, Chiropractor + Wellness Advocate

Enjoying the Juiciness of Life

Having Shasta as a teacher has been an amazing experience. She has helped me reclaim a lost piece of myself. I have developed tools to help me enjoy all the juiciness of life and discover my own worthiness. Most incredibly I know that I am powerful and Divine.

Sara Best, Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Coach

I Am So Glad I Overcame My resistance, Trusted You and Did This!

You made it easy! Creating a great relationship is not Mt.Everest. You gave me hope and so many tools. I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different. We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!