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I have heard you say that it’s important to invest in myself to grow but I feel I should be paying the mortgage or putting money into my kid’s college fund.

How can I invest in myself and take care of these things without feeling selfish?  – Anonymous


A great question!

I say this with love but there is a key misunderstanding in your question.

The key misunderstanding is that money is “limited” so you have to really be “very careful” with it.

It leads the mind to believe that it is “either this or that” and “I can’t have it all.”

The truth is you can pay off your mortgage AND invest in yourself!

In fact, you pay off your mortgage BY investing in yourself – that is you learn the mindsets, ways of BEING, and actual ways to magnetize money in your life.

Money is not limited – but our ability to receive it, generate it and allow it often is.

So the greatest investment you can make is to break through those limitation internally and externally.

My mentor says: “True wealth is having the ability generate any amount of money at any time.”


That sentence literally changed my life and my relationship with money.

I wanted to learn how to do that and so I invested in learning how to do just that and how to BE that woman.

The results were amazing!

I turned my 6-figure investment it into a 7-figure return in my business.

Simply put: my $100,000 investment in coaching led me to break the $1 million mark in my businesses.

I received a 1000% return by investing in myself.

That’s a sensational ROI! No bond or mutual fund can come close!!!!

The BONUS outcome: I feel way more confident in myself, my ability create anything and I paid down my mortgage too! LOL.

Our culture often perpetrates is a story that it is “selfish” to invest in our self.


I hear women say this all the time that they feel guilty.

I get it, but this the Joan of Arc or martyr “feminine shadow archetype” that is applauded in our culture but totally LIMITING.

Investing in YOU  is literally the smartest, most generous and un-selfish thing you can do! 

You are here to flourish.

So invest time, money and energy into yourself so you can overcome the limiting and false beliefs holding you back in any area – money, sex, health, your worth, etc to live a FREE and sexy life with no settling….

Your kids will SEE a living model of self-worth, self-control + true wealth to aspire to. WOW!!

Is it scary?

Hell, yes!

I was totally shaky making a 6-figure investment in myself. I had never done that before.

No one in my family had ever done that before, but it didn't mean I shouldn't do it!

I have bills, debts and things I want to take pay off, but I KNEW this would be the WAY to pay them off so I did it…even with the terror, and you can too.

So dear sister, the opportunity is to get clear on all you desire, and get the support to create it with ease…investing in yourself whether that means hiring a mentor, signing up for that training or taking a weekend away…


It is all a great investment!

P.S. True Wealth is the ability create anything anytime you want…

Much love,


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