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Love your business, hate selling? (the secret)

You love your business.

But you kind of hate selling???

Here’s the problem: without selling, you don’t have a business.

When you learn how to sell well, you serve more people AND you increase your own earning potential. I know because I did this!

Last year, I tripled my income results and passed into a 7-figure mark in my business. I also served way more people because I learned how to help THEM get what they need and wanted.

That’s really what “selling” is all about – being in service in a bigger way!

That’s why I want you to learn a way of selling that feels great – for you AND for your customer.

What if you could sell with your heart and soul – instead of feeling inauthentic and pushy?

What if you could reach more people with your products and services – WHILE creating the freedom and income you’re longing for?

What if you could not only develop and deepen your sales skills – but also come to LOVE selling?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in the free virtual event I’m part of, The Art of Selling to a Woman: How to Connect, Engage and Sell to the Female Consumer

Fellow entrepreneur Tanya Pluckrose has brought together 21 sales experts (including me!) to teach you a way of selling that’s natural, authentic, and connected. It starts on May 20, but you should reserve your spot now!

I actually talk about what female sexuality and selling have in common!

During this free, virtual event you’ll learn how to:

  • Approach selling in a unique and refreshing way (sales isn’t what you think!)
  • Forget the sale and create value (because value trumps price every time)

  • Leverage the #1 decision-making factor (it isn’t logic)

  • Create better sales results and win more business no matter your industry (get ready to skyrocket)

If you’re ready to love all parts of your business, including sales…

If you’re ready to connect with and sell to your ideal client, ditching awkward, uncomfortable pitches…

If you’re ready to learn how to sell with integrity…

This show is for you. Get access here: 

This show is free to you – but don’t discount its value because it’s free! There’s a veritable gold mine of information here. The speaker list includes multiple bestselling authors, world-renowned sales leaders, and changemakers and visionaries in the game of selling.

Get access here: I WANT THAT!

the toxic Masculine in love {self-evaluation included}

“I can’t f&cking win!”

Have you ever caught yourself saying these words?

I sure have!

As a man who grew up “hardened” away from emotional sharing, I found it easier to get angry and identify with the Imbalanced Masculine side (self-evaluation graphic below).

It was an excuse to not be open or fully commit to my partner and be in an honest, co-creative relationship.

The Toxic Masculine would show up in me as:

  • Losing my cool and saying things I didn’t mean.
  • Not talking for days and literally “stone-walling” Shasta and others.
  • Feeling alone and like the whole world was on my shoulders.
  • Holding onto things from long ago – things that were said in the past and yet, I still “nursed” those old wounds.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The Imbalanced or Toxic Masculine in Love.

I learned and am still learning to break through these and take deep responsibility for myself as a man, a husband and a creator in the world.

My past is not something that I am proud of but it’s no longer something I am willing to shame myself about either.

It has helped me get to where I am today, and be in the relationship I am in with Shasta, and doing this work in the world now for men and women.

I use those experiences to be a more compassionate and loving husband, friend and leader.

Though our partner, employees/colleagues or family can challenge us in relationship, we must take the responsibility to look at the wounded places within us and stop the cycle of blame and victimization.

Last week Shasta shared her experience and the self-assessment for the Toxic or Imbalanced Feminine in Love. To read that again check it out now.

Again, these patterns can show up in women or men though men tend to display more of the Toxic Masculine and women more of the Toxic Feminine because of cultural conditioning.

Take a moment and honestly reflect if any of these patterns are within…no shame or guilt.

Man or Woman – Break Through the Toxic Patterns
If you want one-on-one support to create the results you long for in all areas of your life and want to heal these things FAST, then please reach out. Book a confidential call at

toxic feminine in love (man or woman)…is this you?

Whether you are a man or woman…understanding the Imbalanced or Toxic Feminine (and Masculine) is essential on our path of self-empowerment and loving relationship with yourself and others, and especially your lover.

The Toxic or Imbalanced Feminine is extremely prevalent in our culture right now.

Though the Imbalanced Feminine is often ascribed to women, men can have these patterns too.

I created a brief overview on how this imbalance can show up in Love / relationships…

Take a moment and honestly reflect if any of these patterns are within…no shame or guilt.

The first step in any healing or transmutation is our willingness to actually look at this “imbalance” within us.

As a self-proclaimed “independent” woman, Love and intimacy has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

It has required me to look at the imbalances or toxic patterns I have around men, sex and relationship including:

  • The ways I armour myself.
  • I don’t ask for what I want or need.
  • I just “do it myself” and then feel resentful.
  • And even latent anger I hold against the Masculine. “Don’t fucking talk to me that way!”

It is not a pretty side of myself, and yet it is also a beautiful opportunity to transmute this into something powerful, and no longer be the victim of past abuses, neglect or fear.

What are your aha’s or thoughts??

Healing the Imbalanced Feminine – Invitation + Opportunity

If you want to learn more and learn how to heal this at an even deeper level I have a special LIVE offering for those living in the Greater Toronto Area.

I am leading a 4-week live “beta test” of a new offering called Hacking The Mythic Woman.

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These teachings are for women, at any age and any stage, who are ready to learn the tools, practices and mind mastery techniques from a feminine perspective.

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Want One-On-One Support
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If it didn’t need to be perfect

What would you do if YOU DID NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT?

Who would you love? 

How would you love?

What you create/write/film/start/build?


I shot this quick one-minute video on NOT BEING PERFECT, and what I would do if I did not need to get it perfect…Perhaps it will inspire you…

Watch now 


Do you have a well-developed “perfectionist” or inner critic?

I sure do…

My inner critic, named Veronica is the perfectly-put-together woman, who says all the right things, has immaculate make-up (which I never have), and shiny straight behaved hair (which also I never have), and never swears (which I ALWAYS do)…

Veronica tells me I have to get it right before I even try…Oh, do SHUT UP Veronica…

Who is your inner critic and does he or she tell you you have to get it perfect?

What would you do if you did not have to get it perfect??

Share your aha’s on the Rich Life Secrets Facebook page 

Much love,


P.S. If you want help overcoming “the perfect girl or boy” paralysis in your life, love or business, let’s chat on

P.P.S The video again is

Who do you think you are? {The Fear of Success}

“Who am I?

Who am I to do this? Be this? Have this?

Will people judge me and ultimately abandon me? 

Who you do you think you are?”

Do those fears ever arise for you? 

So many women tell me they are scared  of taking it to the “next level”…

  • Scared that people would think they are inappropriate and “crazy” if they move into new territory in their work, their income, and even their sexuality.


  • Scared that their employees, team and friends would judge them and even feel entitled to their success if they made more money.


  • Scared that their clients and colleagues would think them was greedy if they drove up in a Mercedes or looking like a rock star in designer clothes.


  • Scared they might also lose it all anyway and go back to low-rent living or struggle in the end. 


It seems we secretly fears success more than failure. 

As Marianne Williamson said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

I have been frightened too.

This time, last year, I was making the decision to step into a 6-figure coaching program to help me break into 7-figures in my business.

I was terrified! 

BUT…I did make the decision to step into the next level even with the fear.

You too can make decisions even with fear. The fear does not mean you should STOP…it actually means you are on track!

Too many women tell me they will take the next step, make a decision or up-level once the fear is gone. It does not work that way.

The fear only starts to go away once you make a decision and you start taking NEW actions! 

Can you be the woman willing to offer a higher level of value, service and embodiment even with the fear?

Can you be the woman who no longer worried about “being nice” or liked and instead makes Purpose more important than anything?

Can you be the  woman who can show up for herself and be seen in that embodiment even if others don’t  like it?

Recently, I was on a Success Panel at a live event hosted by my mentor David Neagle – with about 300 attendees. Talk about facing your fears of being seen!

I shared how I made the decision to step into MORE for myself, my businesses, my Purpose and my life even with the fear because I did not want to live in avoidance and REGRET.

I did have fear, but I made a decision anyway, and it has been spectacular!!!!!

So, don’t wait for the fear to stop before you take that next step. You will be waiting FOREVER…

As we approach 2019, it is a perfect time to notice the voices of fear, to make a decision about what you REALLY want, and then to take action to get the support to create it, now.

That’s the thing about support – a great mentor can help you literally collapse time. 

If you want help in creating “magic” in your life and business, then reach out today

You can’t do it alone or you would have already!

And you CAN do it even with the fear.

Much love,


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